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    I was diagnosed with fm last week. I thought I just had arthritis and depression, both of which I am being treated 4. My fm dr. wants me 2 take a brain wave test and go through occupational therapy, then physical therapy. Is that advisable? I quit my job about 9 months ago because I just hurt sooo bad standing, i would go home and cry. I do have a little arthritis in my feet also and a bone spur. My arth. is also in my hip and back. My pressure points are just uncomfortable, he said i have the beginning of fm. But i ache so bad, i limp sometimes and my back is the worst. Bu i ache all over and have muscle spasms. I cant sleep, always exhausted and sometimes weak. My fm dr. won't sign anything 4 ssi until after my therapy's which could be a long time. my psychiatrist says i'm able 2 work, just wants 2 give me drugs. I've tried working many times and have so much anxiety and pain i quit in a day or 2. can anybody out there help me? thanx
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    You may want to check into some alternative therapies. There's an excellent website,, that has helpful products and consultants. Also, check for an acupuncturist and massage therapist in your area.
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    Snow, I don't think we are suppose to post links here since this forum has it's own store.