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    Do you get fibro everywhere at the same time? I have chostochronditis, thoratic out let syndrom even the muscles on the top of my head are sore and stiff. Same goes for feet and hands. I am taking twice daily fexeril and 75mg of Lyrica twice daily. Still need my pain pills. I also have sjorgrens. I think I have RA but the doctor does not think so. My foot has swelling it and even narrowing of the joint space. I guess my question is do your tendons and muscles actually swell? I had an MRI of the shoulder and it showed swelling of the tendon. Well right now everything is swelled muscle wise.
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    i'm not sure what you mean by 'do you get fibro everywhere at the same time". Do you mean can you hurt more than one place at a time? Or is it everywhere?

    Fibro pain can migrate to different areas. Many of us have certain parts that are the worst. For me it's my legs.
    Fibro does not have inflammation - so if you do, (at least according to all of my Dr.s) it probably isn't your Fibro.

    Now I swell, but more of water retention. Has your Dr. run all of the blood tests for RA? I had one done that is a more in depth one.

    Gosh, it sounds like you must feel terrible. I hope you find some relief...and soon!
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    Welcome to the board. Have you also posted on the the fibro board?

    Also, at the top of the page, is place to click if you want to look for articles,
    reports on research. etc.

    Good luck