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    hello my name is sharon. I have had fibro more than 5yrs. do anyone u have tremors and face going numb? It sacres me to death. Going to doc thurs. So anyone who could reply. I wwould be very gracios. Thank Sharon
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    After reading all the posts I can, I feel I know a lot more about the symtoms. It seems that neurological symtoms are a problem with a lot of us. If you ever get to read a list of the symtoms you will think you are seeing things.

    One of the reasons it is so hard to treat FMS/CFS/AUTOIMMUNE
    is because of the multiple symtoms.They are just as varying to each individual also.

    Don't get discouraged, there"s a lot of info in the Library portion of this site. 1maqt
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    Dear Sharon....I too have experienced the tremors, facial numbness. I have been an LPN for 12 years and was diagnosed with FM/Myofacial Syndrome in 1995 after a head on roll over MVA. Even being a nurse I didn't have clue about Fibro. Rest assured I suffered symptoms that never even show up in a medical book. I thought I was going crazy! I do know enough now to tell you that neuropathic pain stemming from the brain plays a big factor in all the idiotic symptoms we suffer through. I don't want to advise to take this or that, but will tell you what has worked for me. Since our bodies all react differently to medications, what is good for one is not always the answer for the next. I take Klonopin. Great Stuff! Stops panic, eases muscles, stops the TREMORS!!!! I also take Tylox for the pain, and was just recently started on Neurontin, can't say yet how well it will work, but would eat grass to feel better. I have alot of insomina, as you can see from the time, but the anitdepressants make me groggy. Still the doc wants me on them stating they help pain, sleep, and work with the reuptake of seratonin in the brain which you proably already knows is our depressive factor. If you have a printer, I would print out articles for my doc, they really don't take offense too it, just see it as you doing your homework, and looking for reasons and help. I took 5 articles to my doc the other day. They may say they keep up on fibro, but being basically a family doctor, I don't think they always have time to read up on the lastest development with this disease. I will keep you in my thoughts in prayers, as my life too is going around some rough corners on the homefront. Stress doesn't help a bit. Happy New Year. My e-mail is if you ever just want to pen pal back and forth....Peace! Vicque
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    I suffer from fibro and about 7 other disorders. Personally to me it sounds like you may have some nerve damage. If so you should probably see a local neurologist and get checked out. I hope you have luck in your quest for help.

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    thank you for replying. It is scary. I have all the symtons of everything else. then the hands started jerking to. flipped me out. So thank u from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Sharon. Have a Happy new year.
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    hello vicque. i love way u spell your name. thanks you very much. my printer is on the blitz. it seems this fibro takes your life. away. i have 1 yr old grandaughter she wears me out so bad. I hate that. it has hurt my family. sometimes hubby dont understand when i cant get up.thank u i send a e-mail to u soon. thank you sharon