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    My ribs have been hurting me the last 2 weeks. First doctor thought it was from fracturerd rib. Family doctor is treating it with inflamation meds. It all started from a sore shoulder which probably doesn't have anything to do with it. Though I am very active with gardening, mowing the lawn and lifting up those heavy mulch bags year after year plus just doing strenuous household things could this cause fibro.. I am not even sure if this is what it is I call it my VOOODOO Doll. It feels like someone has one against me. The pain goes and comes real quickly under my breastbone, in my back ribs mostly on right side but then goes to left. I am going for physical therapy now for my shoulder, which feels better. Maybe I should tell the therapist. Is this what fibro feels like. Sometimes hurts to wear a bra, keep thinking it is galbladder but same hurt on left side.
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    Welcome! I am not sure if you have FMS, but you may. Do you have any other symptoms, or just muscle pain? It may be possible that you pulled some muscles while doing heavywork. Let us know!

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    Hi, welcome to the board. I have Fibro, but can't diagnose what is hurting you.

    I also have what is called; 'Costa Chondriasis', it is inflammation where the muscles join to the bones of the ribs.
    Most people who have Fibro, also seem to suffer from this also. The pain is very severe, and can be on either or bothsides of the ribcage, front and back.

    Some doctors do prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for this condition.

    As for the shoulder pain, well from what you say you are doing, gardening, carrying heavy bags of mulch etc. You could be straining your muscles. I do hope that is what is wrong with you and not FM. There is no cure for Fibromyalgia.

    I also was an avid gardner before I got hit with the FM, now I am lucky if I can lift a 6" flower post :)

    My worst FM pain is in the shoulders, upper back and across my upper chest.

    You could try a heating pad for all the above pain, and also a soak in a bathtub full of very warm water with;

    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 bottles of Peroxide (large size)

    Soak for 20 minutes only. Then go to bed afterwards, as it will make you feel weak.

    This soak is great for strained muscles as well as FM, which is all in the muscles too.

    Let us know how you are doing, and again I sure hope you do not have FM.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Welcome, hope you don't have fibromyalgia. You didn't mention pain other places, or other fibro indicators. So you may be lucky. You stated "maybe I should tell my physical therapist" -- by all means, if this is musculoskeletal, they can help. They are also trained to "do no harm" and will be careful. Below I have copied and pasted a past post of mine dealing with this same subject.
    Have had FM diagnosed over 20 years with pains everywhere but did not have prominent chest symptomatology until now. Feb 28th had sudden severe sharp chest pain starting midline, straight through to back, thoracic area and then splayed out. Much difficulty in breathing. Physical therapists noted I was using accessory muscles of respiration two-three hours after onset of episode.


    Pulse ox--fine
    Chest xray--bascially neg, incidental finding emphysematous lungs--in a nonsmoker.
    Methacholine challenge--minimally positive for asthma
    Pulmonologist--You do NOT have asthma
    Bone scan--negative for fracture.
    MRI--negative for fracture.
    CAT scan--negative except for incidental finding of ONE gallstone.

    What helped:

    Medications rheumy tried, Ultracet--helped a little but I will not take on a regular basis--bad stuff.
    Myofascial release, helped some of the pain. Brought the level down.
    Not wearing a bra--for three months I could not tolerate wearing a bra--I am a 58 year old grandmother!!!Did not do that in the 60's.

    Am left with a very tender chest, back.
    Dichter, back to the present. One theory is I injured somehow my diaphragm. Due to body habitus, this is VERY difficult to do). I also was lifting a heavy weight (in my case my 30 pound grandson) and had his weight off my midline center at chest height--maybe similar to the way you were lifting bags of mulch. I felt no pain at the time. But 1/2 hour later had severe central chest pain going through to my back, left and right - more on the right with shortness of breath. Two hours later, at my PT session, the therapist noted I was using accessory muscles of respiration. The severe pain (ie initial injury) calmed down. Now four months later and basically a negative workup one theory is, I did injury my diaphragm which then did not work effectively for breathing and the other muscles took over. These other muscles were not used to doing the breathing. In FM anytime we use a muscle differently, we hear from that muscle AND in no uncertain terms!!!!

    Well, don't know if this sheds any light on your situation. I went braless for three months!!!! Glad I live in the colder climate!!! Fondly, June
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    You need to get a qualified person to diagnose this, but costo chondritis is a possibility. The pain originates between the ribs near the sternum and can radiate to the shoulder, down the arm, out the side, and out the back near the shoulder blade.

    A localized injection of a steroid with one of the "caines" to help numb the injection site took care of this condition for me for a year.

    Feel down along the breastbone and see whether you can find a really sore spot when you apply pressure. If yes, that could be a sign of costo. BTW, we seem to be prone to this condition.

    Love, Mikie