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    Anyone ever hear of a website called ??They have offices nationwide. I'm just curious if anyone has had a successful story with them. I have an appointment to see them on sept 5. Any feedback u provide will be appreciated.
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    Hi Nate,
    Yes, many on this board have gone there, myself included. If you search above for FFC or Fibro and Fatigue, you can read a lot of interesting threads about people's experiences.

    I just came back from an appointment today! The FFC is literally saving my life.

    Just briefly, I was sick for 5 years, diagnosed w/CFIDS. (Before that I was working a part-time school social worker position, in graduate school full-time, and completing internships, besides taking care of my family.) I went to many well-meaning doctors and naturopaths, but any improvements I made did not stick. I kept getting worse.

    On this board I learned of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. I started at one in another state in March '05, until one opened much closer to where I live, near Seattle.

    They do extensive, comprehensive testing, and that is one of the things I thought was so important. I was given tests that no other doctor had. I learned that I had very low levels of all hormones, low thyroid, mycoplasma pneumoniae, echovirus, rock bottom NK cells, sky high RNase (indicating active infection).

    My first months of treatment included a lot of supplements, and some IV therapies. However, as the months went on, I did not improve, and got worse.

    When I switched to the center closer to me, the doctor there re-evaluated my condition and conferred with the former dr. She decided to re-test me for lyme disease. The original test done was not reliable enough. So using a much more reliable test, I was found positive for chronic lyme disease.

    This was a huge turn of events for me! I have never had a known tick bite, or a bullseye rash. I was stunned. I've learned a lot since that time about the myths of lyme disease.

    Now, I've been treating for it about 8 months, and am just starting to notice improvements. It's a long, bumpy road, but, at least there is treatment for it, and hope. My NK cells are up, my mycoplasma and echovirus infections are gone, my thyroid is improved. I cannot take other hormones so those are out.

    One thing I will say about the FFC is that many of the doctors are great, and some are not so great. So just be aware of that. You sound like a smart guy, so use your head to determine if the doctor is the right one for you.

    Just don't ever give up. Keep on trying.
    Best wishes,
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    I am desperate for help and curious in what you are taking about with the Fibro and Fatigue Clinic. I live about an hour north of Seattle so would kill for information. I currently go to my PCP and Harborview Medical Centers Chronic Fatigue Clinic but I'm not getting much help. Hope to hear back on details.

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