Fibroblastic rheumatism=my joint problem update

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 28years, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. 28years

    28years New Member

    Some of you know that I have had strange joint problems for the last 8 months that are not related to CFS or Lyme.

    I've been trying to find out what it is. I went to a new Dr. today -- a Rheumy. He was very good, through, and he listened to me and didn't think I was nuts!!

    He diagnosed me with Fibroblastic rheumatism!

    He said I wouldn't find much info on it and he was right. Apparently it's pretty rare.

    I've only started looking into it. But, after a long day at the doctor's I'm not up to too much research tonight.

    Has anyone out there heard of Fibroblastic rheumatism? If so I'm love the input.

    Below is an abstract of what it is:

    Fibroblastic rheumatism.
    Marconi IM, Rivitti-Machado MC, Sotto MN, Nico MM.

    Fibroblastic rheumatism (FR) was first described in 1980 by Chaouat et al., and there have been few cases reported to date. The cause remains unknown. We report the first Latin-American patient with FR, to our knowledge, who is also the patient with the most striking dermatological features described in the literature. The diagnosis was based on the presence of a number of typical features. Clinically, the patient presented skin nodules and polyarthropathy with flexion contractures of the fingers. The histological findings compressed fibroblastic proliferation, thickened collagen fibres, dermal fibrosis and a decreased number of elastic fibres. Immunoreactivity for beta-catenin, alpha-smooth muscle actin and the monoclonal antibody HHF-35 showed myofibroblastic differentiation. Treatment with prednisone slightly reduced the number of nodules but did not improve the rheumatological symptoms. This condition has shown a poor response to many treatments proposed by previous authors. Further study will be necessary to identify effective treatment.

    PMID: 19076791 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  2. brightsidedone

    brightsidedone New Member

    This sounds very much like MS to me and MS and Fibro traditionally, go hand in hand.

    It also sounds like there may be a blood test for this disorder?

    I'm very visual. Please help me understand your symptomology. I see my Rheum in a month or so.
  3. 28years

    28years New Member

    It's quite different from MS. It mainly affects just the joints and the connective tissue around the joints.

    It mostly affects the joints in the hands and feet.

    The biggest indication of it is hard lumps or nodules under your skin on or near several of your joints. Mine lumps range in size from about 1"X1/2" to 1/2"X1/1/4".

    I don't know about a blood test for it. My Dr. took a lot of blood. I will speak to him next week and ask him if he did a specific test for it.
  4. Kabob

    Kabob Member

    I have been diagnosed with Fibroblastic Rheumatism. I would love the opportunity to discuss FR symptoms and treatment plan with you. It has been 7 years since your post and FR remains very rare.

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