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  1. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    I just received FibroFree from this website. It has such glowing words about it on the bottle and literature. Has anyone tried it? I'm praying that it will help my FM pain. maeV
  2. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Hi Susan,

    Yes, you are right. Brain fog here. It is FibroFreedom, not FibroFree. GRRRRRR. Thank you for at least answering me. No one else seems interested. Thanks again. MaeV.
  3. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Yes, I think I"m feeling better. Esp mentally. My mood seems to be much better. Since I just started taking it, I think I need at least another week to give it a good evaluation. Thank you for your interest. maeV.
  4. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    If you've been through what I've been through for the last almost 3 years, you'll see why the Beatles tune Help is very appropiate for me. AGain, thank you for being interested enough to answer me. God love you, maeV
  5. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Hi Susan,

    I've looked at the articles you mentioned on FM and checked out the pharmaceuticals and supplements and herbs. Most of which I can't take. Darn it.

    I'm extremely sensitive to perscription meds. My doctor doesn't know what to do with me at this point.

    I've gone the holistic route with a really great holistic gal doctor, but she didn't help me at all. It was a 3 month therapy course as she called it.

    Percocet is the only thing that helps the pain, but I'm careful to take only maximum of 3 and 1/2 a day. 7.25 mg.

    I have started FibroFreedom this week and am praying that this will make a big difference for me.

    Depression has set upon me. I've never been a depressed person. Always on the go... as my husband puts it.... like a hampster on a wheel. Never stopping. Well, this has set me back and I'm struggling with the fact that I'll never be that "hamster" again. All the drugs for depression about kill me with side effects. They are NOT for me.

    My husband continues to be such a sweetheart. He massages me every nite while we are watching TV and almost every nite me massages me to sleep. So, I'm very thankful for the help that I DO HAVE. Thank you for your interest to write to me. maeV
  6. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Hey there,

    Yes, I found out my thyroid was out of whack some three years ago. I tried Armour, and all the other thyroid meds, but they all made me sick. Being the "goldie locks" that I am, I have to have the med with no dyes in it. It always has to be special ordered for me.

    My Vit D level was low also some years ago. But, I'm taking 5,000 IU daily now, plus what is in the FibroFreedom which is 2,000 IU daily. I'm in the normal range now. I think I have that covered.

    Is the Pregnenalone in any way associated with Estrogen? I had 3" Endrometreosis tumor on my remaining ovary and fallopian tube all of which were removed in 08. From that I had a very large build up of scar tissue which was removed in 09. But, I know it is all back and the PT is working to break that all up. So, anything with Estrogen is a big no-no for me. Now, the DHEA, tell me more about that? How do you take that? Pill form daily or what? Because I take Percocet, I get very tired and that is another thing that "ticks" me off. But, I'm thankful that it works somewhat for my very bad back and shoulders. thanks again maeV
  7. julie0830

    julie0830 New Member

    Haven't tried it but will be watching to see if it works. Good luck!

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