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    Hi I'm 47 years old and for the past year been having terrible periods and some months lasting 17to 21 days ! With heavy bleeding and huge blood clots. Went to the doctor and they told me I have an enlarged uterus and large fibroid s. They had an Ultra sound done on me. Since she is a regular doctor she told me to go see an OBGYN. My husband lost his job in Sep and I am only working part time due to my condition of having such bad periods so I have no health insurance at this time. I am very worried about myself.

    I live in Ocala, Fl I have asked all the friends I have here and none of them know any good OBGYN in this area, most of them are older and really don't have a need for this type of doctor anymore. They are the Lucky ones most have had a hysterectomy done. If anyone knows of a good Gynecologist in this area Please let me know.. I don't want to pick one of the yellow pages.

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    Doesn't your primary care doctor know a good OB/GYN?? Also, look at the first post on this board that is in bold and it contains a section on services by doctors for free/low cost--you might want to check that first to see where they would send you.

    Another idea is that Shands is in Gainesville and I don't know how far Ocala is from there but you may want to check their site and see what doctors they have (then check them out on the site, usually the Medial Board, that provides info about doctors and complaints against them). Good luck.