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    I have a gal freind who is completly recovered from Fibromialgia and is working proffessional. She testifies to her cure.

    Completely vegan diet,no meat, no wheat, no fish, no fish oil.
    Distilled water.Sea salt,virgin olive oil, juiceing,
    and barley green(living enzymes)
    Her favorite source is The Miarcle diet.

    I must say she is very healthy and active.

    She claims that Adam and eve ate only vegaterian.
    The true source of health and healing.
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    I'm been vegan a while now, I went vegan for the animals (its unbelevable the suffering they go through or that one little egg or steak on your plate). I havent recovered, but I have improved significantly since going vegan :)
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    thanks for sharing that
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    Quote "Jesus ate meat"
    It seems that ,short of a miracle, cures require extreem.
    I would like the miracle, its quiker. I guess God chooses who to heal. there seems to be no quik fix recipe for god to act.
    Hes incharge - not me.

    At the same time he is not haste to heal if he percieves the person will go right back to a life style of junk and overeating.

    most americans eat 2 times to much and are dieing from it, 3rd world under eat and are dieing from it..
    Jews fasted one day a week.
    self control!!!

    Quote: All I want to Know are the thoughts of God , all else is trivial. Albert Einstien

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    I know there are some vegans here. I am one of them. We are still sick though so I don't think that being vegan is a cure. It definitely helped me to improve some with my CFS but is far from curing me unfortunately.

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    that she is cured while on a strict diet. You can search for her posts and diet. She went from bedridden to playing four hours of tennis a day. Her diet is also very strict but she has made that her lifestyle and seems very happy with it.