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    i saw on the arthritis board you had psoriasis now have psoriasis arthritis.

    my daughter got psoriasis in 7th grade missed a year of school and had to have light treatments. she's very sick and i think fibro is involved.

    new skin problems have happened and i think its back.

    could you give me more info on ra based psoriasis.

    it made the light bulb go off.

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    thanks for your reply

    my daughter cleared up after that year back in 1984. but that last several years she has developed skin rashes all over her body that itch and leave scars.
    no doctor has been able to sucessfully treat it. she no longer will wear short sleeves or shorts.

    lately she also breaks out in hives all over for no reason. Wow her feet kill her! bottom and heels.

    i know she has fibro and mcs but cant get her to do anything about it as she has seen me go thru the mill with no help.

    im hoping if i have her read your post that might get her attention.
    is there a test for this?

    thanks so much for helping jenny
  4. 3gs

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    thank you so much for your reply.

    hoping i can get her to one more time to go. no derm so far has figured it out. think because the spots are so small they missed the boat.

    any ideas about hives breaking out? dont see a pattern as to why.

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