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    This is the poem that I started her scrapbook with.

    I gave her several pics that I hated giving up. I know that she will take good care of them.


    My Daughter

    I look into your eyes I see you're mind
    I look into your heart I see you're kind
    The things you say with only thoughts
    Of people past forget-me-nots
    And memories of a future soon to come

    I look into your eyes I see past tears
    I look into your heart I see your fears
    The hopes and dreams you've always had
    To live life happy, never sad
    To have a rainbow for your very own

    Like the views you've seen from mountaintops
    That now seem far away
    Or some future night on a moon lit beach
    Of some enchanted bay

    These things I say, you know are true
    Though yet to be realized
    I've looked at you and listened to
    The you behind your eyes

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    Oh Bevy what a tearful, happy poem. I am sure that made your daughter just cry happy tears. Isn't it so nice to have daughters. I have always wished I was close to my Mom like I am with my girls.

    Oh well, that is her loss. She is really paying for it now. She sees how close I am with Ashley and Lindsay and she so wishes she could change the past. I forgive her for what happened way back when, but I will never have the relationship with her that I have with my girls.

    Thanks again Bevy for sharing this with me. Maybe by the time she graduates college I will be able to get the scrapbook together. That is a wonderful idea
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    I wish that I had the relationship with my Mother that I have with my daughter. I know that mom is as close with my sis and I that she can be. We all have issues......

    This is another poem that went into her book. I hope that you enjoy.....

    The day you were born you touched my soul,
    You were the missing link that made my life whole.
    Those beautiful blue eyes looking up at me in awe,
    Gazing at the woman who you just learned was your mom.
    As days turned to months and months turned to years,
    I watched you grow as a child through laughter and tears.
    Now that your grown venturing out on your own,
    I look back and wonder where did all the years go.
    The baby I once held, cared for, and watched over at night,
    Has now become a strong woman, so beautiful and bright.
    I'm proud to call you my daughter as you sit by my side,
    who now takes care of her mother with arms open wide.