Fibromyalgia & a comfortable bra????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by annegirl, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. annegirl

    annegirl New Member

    New to the message board -- have had fibromyalgia for 13 years and I have a drawer full of bras -- AND NOT ONE THAT I CAN WEAR!!! Anyone find a style that is comfortable for at least an hour or two??? THANKS!!!
  2. theimpossibleflute

    theimpossibleflute New Member

    I've only been dx with FM for about 8 months, but have been having the worst time with bras (and I'm barely a 36A!!). Anway, my mom and I (I'm 20--in college--still get mom to buy me the necessities! :) )went out one week specifically to find something that will be comfortable. Victoria's Secret sells beautiful camisoles with no elastic band around the ribcage. Depending on how big you are, you can get away with just wearing one of these all day under your clothes instead of a bra. They're made out of nylon and spandex and are the most comfortable and softest things I think I have ever worn. They come in all sorts of pretty colors--I actually wear them under blouses and then don't have to button the shirt completely (saving me some grief from tight clothing). The camis don't make you hot and you even forget you're wearing them!!!! The only downfall---they're $22 a piece, but just get their charge card and you'll be all set.

    Good luck in your search!!!!

    God Bless and hang in there...

    Abby M.
  3. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    Not too long ago, we had a LONG discussion on here about comfortable bras. Many of us wear Victoria's Secret. Do a search at the top..maybe just type in "bra" and see what pops up and you can read all about it. Good luck in your search. I wear the Body by Victoria shaping demi bra. VS is great because you can just go in, ask for the most comfortable thing they have and then try on till you find the perfect thing for you. My experience was that they were very understanding and helpful. I won't buy anything else, even though they are a bit more pricey. I have tons of cheaper stuff I've wasted money on.
  4. Notonline

    Notonline New Member

    Define Bra = Torture device invented by a man to inflict pain on women. See also "girdle".

    Haven't worn one in years...HATE THEM...I keep a few in the drawer for when hubby invites any friends over (he calls to warn me first, "honey put on your bra...the guys are coming over"). They'll probably be sagging to my ankles when I hit 60...LOL
  5. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I'm small, so maybe this wouldn't be great for everyone, but I wear thin all-cotton Jockey brand bras. They are inexpensive & I find them to be very comfortable (as bras go...)

    Good luck,
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My sister who also has fibro can't find a comfortable bra because nobody makes them in her size -- she wears a 52D. She tells me that you can find bigger cup sizes everywhere, but not the 52 size she needs to go around her.

    Does anyone know a good source? Some of the larger women's catalogs have 2 or 3 to choose from she can't find any that are comfortable.
  7. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    at Walmart the other day. I think I will be able to wear it when I ride. Normally, I just wear a tank top. Think I will check out Victoria's Secret though. It would be nice to have something pretty.
  8. paulajo

    paulajo New Member

    One of the contacts I have through the Sjogren's talk line recommends for bras highly. She won't wear anything else. She didn't indicate which style she wears. I plan to try them soon. I recently bought a bra with gel straps and am very pleased with it so far. As long as its not tight I do fairly well.

    Good luck . . .

  9. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hi Anne, welcome to the board. Boy this is a big problem for us!

    You could try the camisoles that someone else mentioned. They are so confortable.

    Besides Victoria's Secret they can be bought at Sear's, they are on sale right now for $8.50 in all colors, red, blue, violet, white, black, etc! Its amazing the colors they have, and they are just as confortable and pretty as Victoria's. I am a big fan of Victoria, but this is really a plus at Sear's with the price.

    My daughter just bought four of them, and I have the high priced ones from Victoria and Learner's New York!

    The come in all sizes. I am small 36-A, my daughter is 34-C.

    Again, welcome to the board. If you want more information on bras, just type in 'bra' at the link at the top of this ages that says; 'Search Messages', they will all come up.

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. FibroNan

    FibroNan New Member

    I have had to search for comfortable bras myself. Over the past year or so I have put on 30+ pounds and gone from a 36C to a 40C. Most bras just dig into me and I absolutely hate underwire bras. I've gotten to where if I'm not going anywhere, I just don't even wear a bra. I recently found a couple of very comfortable bras. One is Bali and has wide straps that don't dig into my shoulders and is extremely comfortable. The other is a Playtex bra and has the gel straps. Also comfortable. I've decided that, at this stage of my life, comfort beats out sexiness. ha!
  11. swred5

    swred5 New Member

    I do know a thing about trying to find bras, I am a 36DDD after loosing some weight, was a 38G before that! You need to find yourself a GOOD lingerie store, look for one that possibly specializes in mastectomy bras, they seem to be more knowledgeable than others. I know where I go have several choices and once you get a bra that actually FITS, they are like a dream! Honestly, after I found a good place, and the right size, it is like you aren't wearing anything! As far as the "big girls", Goddess makes some very comfy bras, as well as Lily. I seem to only know girls with large chests, and have liberated all of them by finding the right bra!! Finding a 52D shouldn't be a problem, my friend is a 52G, and she has had no problems finding any. The life span of a bra is only 3 months, so be sure to replace them often, always hand wash or in the gentle cycle and air dry, never in the dryer, ruins the elastic! Good luck!!
  12. Laurita

    Laurita New Member

    I am new to message board too! But not to FIbromyalgia, I have had it for going on 12 years. Of Course I was treted for many other things before they decided what it was.

    No, no bra is comfortable, The thin sports bras are the least painful, but sometimes I feel the pessure and pain of
    a bra and I don't have one on.
  13. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    I have bra problems too!! I'm a 42 I or J depending on the manufacturer!! I have found the best way to find bra's is to go on line and type in the words... "large bra's" or just the word "bra's". I found a catalog by "Lady Grace" and they also have a web site. So use "google search" or some other search engine. Note of caution.... sometimes while looking for bra's some "funky x rated" stuff can come up.... so beware! Being large really puts the pressure on the shoulders and adds discomfort to the FM neck pain, back pain and head pain. You need good support, but also something that won't dig into your shoulders. Good luck and don't give up!! Oh, there is a custom store in Oklahoma and it can be found on line... it is called "The Bust Stop"..... great place for the ladies who wear size 52 or larger. CarolK
  14. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Just though I would welcome you two ladies!

    Shalom, Shirl
  15. lea

    lea Member

    Hi Shirl:
    What is the name of the bra at Sears? Is is a good support bra, yet tolerated well by people with illness?
    thank you in advance
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm a 36C with lots of cleavage. I look great in my underwire bras, but Lordy how they fall when unleashed. If I ever get back to work, I may invest in a surgical lift. They were magnificent when they stood up by themselves, but time and gravitation have taken their toll.

    That and a tummy tuck and I wouldn't be half bad.

    Oh no, the Michael Jackson Syndrome has ahold of me.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mewsley

    Mewsley New Member

    I also have a draw full of bras and crop tops. I am a small person and people make fun of me when I say I buy a 40 even though I am a A bra size. I cannot stand anything tight or that I can even feel for that matter around my chest. I find the crop tops the best but only of the elastic is not too tight or I won't wear them. I am down to 2 comfortable ones right now. Just one of the many challenges we have to deal with.