Fibromyalgia, A crazy people disease???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nastaranjune, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. nastaranjune

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    Hello guys,
    this is the first time I come in to this website, and I can't wait to share what happened to me yesterday. I had to meet my lawyer to get advice to prep me for a pshychological evaluation in a custody case required for both parents. When my lawyer asked me if I had any health issues, I mentioned fibro being diagnosed 2 years ago. Well she decided to give me a little more than just legal advice, and included her oppinion as well. She flat out told me that "let me tell you what fibromyalgia is!!!! It is a disease for CRAZY people....this is a disease of bored, crazy, women who have nothing better to do. The pain is in their head and they imagin all their symptoms, it's basically a luney tune people disease".
    How idiotic, judgemental, and above all ignorant could some people including some doctors be.
    Live in our body for a day, and then we can talk!!!
    I was also thinking if god had a sense of humor I would have liked to see her dealing with fibro for a month, and then ask her for oppinion again!!
    Well I strongly disagreed with her so called OPPINION, and reminded her I am here for legal advice, not medical thank you.
    Wish you all pain free days.
  2. Speced

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    and Pain makes me feel crazy..........but when the pain is minimal, I feel pretty sane.

    I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but a week for her would atleast give her some perspective.

    Good luck,

  3. adream

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    Good for you! I would ask for a refund, tell her there is no way that she could respresent you properly with that attitude and find another attorney. I've meet many professional women with FMS and CFS since I've been diagnosed...and sooner or later they are equally effected, no matter what their career field. FMS can be proven by the level of substance P in the spinal fluid, blood flow to the brain by MRI/CT scans, muscle spasms-in the neck, shoulders and back, tender point exam, etc.etc. That attorney needs to do some research...... Good Luck!!!
  4. Sandyz

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    They are the crazy ones. There are 6 million people with this disease now, it isn`t just "a few desperate women." I hope that you find a great new lawyer, this one isn`t worth a penney.

  5. shelbo

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    ...say something so stupid and ignorant! Time to get another lawyer!
    Before you get rid though, ask her what sort of illness short-sighted, narrow-minded, idiotic lawyers get and be sure to take a photo of the expression on her face!
    Love Shell xxx
  6. BxGirl

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    When are you going to fire her???? She is totally unprofessional!!!! You should have walked out and not given her a dime!!!! What nerve!!!!

  7. jmw84

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    what a idiot. just wait and see. her days coming. she'll get something one of these days and i hope people say shes crazy. get rid of the idiot. jill
  8. lgp

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    Personally, I would fire this ignoramus who happened to be admitted to the bar. Secondly, I would immediately report her to the local Bar Association for behavior unbefitting to a lawyer. She is probably of the same character that would represent a murderer even knowing he was guilty. What a shame for you to be subjected to such a loser.
  9. hagardreams

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    Please dont let me have her name or address, because if I get it, she is going to get lots of mail in her mail box!<BR>
    For now, she is getting my prayers!<BR>
    So sorry you had to even listen to her. Please make sure you "delete" everything she said to you, out of your mind. She is the "crazy" person! <BR>
    Life has a funny way of coming back on people. I use to make fun of people with dentures, and couldnt figure out why anyone would have to have all of their teeth pulled. Well guess what. I AM NOT WITH A FULL SET OF DENTURES! I diserve them too! That was a cruel thing for me to even think. <BR>
    Hugs to you for your wasted time with that attorney! You know its not true!<BR>