fibromyalgia and apples

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    Never posted a message in my life but here goes
    Most of time I do not suffer badly from fibromyalgia.
    Play a lot of sport and reasonably slim and fit. However I found at late age 55 by experiments of what I ate etc that the more apples I ate (malic acid) the more painful joint aches and also acid reflux I seemed to get.
    I cut out apples and now no or little joint aches.
    As apples ( I love them ) are touted as a cure for fibromylagia this all may sound nonsense or stupid.
    Took me 50 years to find this cause and effect so hope this may help somebody.
  2. suzetal

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    Welcome to the board and thanks for the advice.I am going to cut out apples for a bit to see what happens.

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    I have heard potato's are bad for ppl with FM also. I love potato's but it never fails after I eat them I feel awful!
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    I believe that many of us with FM/CFIDS also suffer from food and environmental allergies. Such allergies can cause a mulitude of symptons. So some people may be able to tolerate certain foods and so forth better than others. Allergies are another link in the chain of causes. At least it definately is for me, as well as candida, EBV and possibly other viruses. Allergy shots can help lesson some symptons.
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    Thanks for the post Carlos1. That is a very interesting subject. Maybe you should start a post looking for anybody on the board has been allergy tested to see if apples turned up or if similar foods containing turned up. I’m going to do one on Lyrica vs Neurontin.
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    Apples are very high in pesticides. Just more toxins we are putting inot our bodies. If you eat a lot of apples, perhaps organic is the way to go.

  7. elliespad

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    Welcome to the board, and thanks for your observation. I wonder if the worsening in symptoms might be more from whichever pesticides are sprayed on apples, and not the apples themselves. Have you tried your experiment with ORGANIC apples? Just a thought.
  8. i stopped eating apples at the begining of this year.the reason for this was.for many years i had been in agony with having irritation in my lady region,and id be scrathing myself silly.

    every time i went for a pee,it felt like i was burning.

    my doctor did the usual tests,and i had no sign of infection.

    but every day i had that burning pee.and id been to a pain management course here in the uk,where we were told that its likely that we might be eating certain foods that our body doesnt like,and so we get the burning pee,and irratable bowel we should eliminate things from our diet.

    i always loved a apple a day,and id remove the peel.but imagine how supprised i was to find that when i stopped eating apples,the burning pee and itchiness stopped,and my stools no longer had mucus in them (im sorry if i made you vomit with the m word).

    ive never touched a apple since,and im so glad i found that it was the culprit for those horrible instances of itching.paracetamol tablets make that lady region burning and itching occur ill only take a paracetamol if my head pain is too much to cope with.i hate that pain meds do that to me,as it would be nice to get some pain relief occasionally.

    kind regards