Fibromyalgia and Arthirtis

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  1. bobbie48

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    I have been using 024 pain neutralizer and it has helped alot. The spray I put in my bath about 2 times (can't kneel) and soaked for about 10 mins., I could not believe how my body felt, the pain had gone away. I get very bad shooting pains in my elbows and I apply 024 and its gone. Thank God, whoever invented this stuff. Thank You.
  2. rosemarie

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    What is this 024 pain neturalizer and where can I get it and how much does it cost? I get bad pains in my hips joints, knee's and in my low back. Also my left wrist hurts badly in this changeing weather. I would love some thing that would ease some of my pains. It would be so great. maybe it would allow me to bend and straighten my knee's , or at least let me exercise so that I can work at getting my knee's stronger and so that they will bend and starighten. I hate my bowed legs but only weight loss and elercise might help them. not sure.

    I am so glad that you found some thing that helps you ease your pain.