Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME Flare Ups - be prepared!

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    Having these conditions isn't a lot of fun at the best of times - but we know when we have been hit by a flare it knocks us sideways! So, as the good Girl Guide that I am, I like to be prepared in a variety of ways. So, I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have on hand and hope that you can also share what you do that helps you - and can maybe help others.

    Firstly, understanding your flare ups - what has caused them, and the pattern that they take can help you for the future! Did you know that a flare up can take up to 72 hours to manifest. Can you remember what you were doing 3 days ago?! So, pacing is critical - in order to reduce your flare ups, still have a social life (if possible), and be more in control of your body. Know that if you are going shopping all day Sunday and are expected to make 8 dozen cookies for the school as well....most likely is going to end you up in bed. PACE YOURSELF.

    1. One of the hardest words to say that can help you the most is the word 'NO'. Your body is saying it needs rest and recuperation. Unfortunately, sometimes we have no choice...however, one thing that I have learned, is that my TRUE friends not only understand if I cancel on them, they are at my house with a movie, a magazine, some homemade soup....

    2. Get your ZZZZ's - resting and sleeping is so important! Are you using any supplements like magnesium malate to help soothe and coat your muscles and nerve endings?

    3. Water! Keep hydrated!

    4. A special drawer/box that has your essentials in it for a flare up - for me my drawer has everything from baby wipes to DVDs, medications, massage rubs, crochet, a book and even a piece of dark chocolate (I think it is still there!).

    5. Be proactive instead of reactive with your medications and supplements. Many of us seem to like to prolong taking some meds....just in case things get worse...when in reality, what we are supposed to be doing is taking our meds/sups at regular intervals to be on TOP of the pain...instead of trying to stop it in mid fury.

    6. If you can manage it - soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes 2x a day or any type of wet heat (shower, steam room) is what is highly recommended in The Fibromyalgia Handbook. In fact, the doctor who wrote this book said out of ANYTHING you decided against trying, at the very least do this.

    7. Keep your stress levels to a minimum...for many people, flares are brought about by stress...why? Because we tense up our whole bodies, clench our jaws etc when we are experiencing stress....

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