fibromyalgia and cfs

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    I know this question may sound a little crazy but I have had two rhuemys tell me that fm and cfs are one in the same. They both said that people that have one of them most of the time have the other. Is this true for most of you?
    Then I had another doc tell me that they were different and not the same at all!! These doctors seem to all have different opinions.
    I am just a woman trying to figure out what is wrong with me and I just wonder if the new retrovirus is in fm patients as much as cfs patients.
    I would appreciate any input you can give me about this subject.
    I think we are the only ones that really know what we feel. The docs seem to be playing a guessing game with me.
    take care and God bless to all of you,
    I finally think we are finding our common ground with the xmrv.
    Maybe there is hope after all. :)
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    from what I have read and been told by other patients, there is far more evidence that they are two distinct disorders than evidence that they are the same.....there is certainly a lot of overlap and many people do have both....and since there is no single diagnostic test yet, some people are probably misdiagnosed with one when they have the other (or something else altogether that the doc failed to check for).....however, personally I believe that they are different illnesses and that one of the symptoms that is most clearly CFS alone is the debilitating PEM....I also think that the types of pain accompanying the two are different, but I can't really explain how (I have both and to me some of the symptoms seem much more clearly FM and some more clearly CFS, and the CFS symptoms for me have been by far the worst, but that is just my experience......I do agree that it is hard to differentiate sometimes, though, and hard to explain, too)

    not sure if I helped to clear anything up or just further muddied the waters....sorry : )
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    I had the same question a few weeks ago and I have come to the conclusion that you really can't have one without the other.
    I have been told that FM is CFS with PAIN. Since I have both I inclined to agree.
    It's a sad day when you have to plan a week off of life to clean your bathroom. One day to clean and six or more to recover.
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    My diagnosis is Fibromyalgia Syndrome. But, I tell you since this XMRV news broke I am praying I have CFS or at least FMS with the virus! How weird is that?

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    I typed this in response to something a few months ago, so I just copied and pasted here =)

    Most people with M.E. meet the criteria for fibromyalgia. But not many people with fibromyalgia meet the necessary criteria for M.E.

    FM is a pain syndrome with many other accompanying symptoms such as fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and sleep disturbance; biological markers exist such as excess Substance P in the brain, and tender points that aid in diagnosis.
    CFS today is a syndrome based on fatigue with any combination of other accompanying symptoms; named "CFS" by the CDC in 1988 after what was actually an M.E. outbreak; they're incorrectly used interchangably today.
    M.E. is a neurological disease with autoimmune components, accompanied by cardiac insufficiency, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

    FM is helped greatly by gentle exercise/stretching, and specific types of pain medication such as Lyrica or trycylic antidepressants (not usually Vicodin, ibuprofen, etc.).
    CFS treatment is based upon what condition you actually have that's causing your extreme fatigue (often people suffering chronic infection such as Lyme disease or mold exposure are incorrectly thrown into this category), so sometimes exercise helps and other times it does not.
    M.E. is irrevocably made worse by exercise, and there is an extreme sensitivity to the same medications people with FM use.

    FM is triggered by a stressful event, such as a car crash, a surgery, a severe infection, or another illness worsening/starting.
    CFS has no specified onset because it depends on what's causing your state of extreme fatigue.
    M.E. is always triggered by a viral infection (most studies point to something polio-like) and is acute onset.
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    To all that answered my post I appreciate it and each of you have helped me in different ways.
    I just hope all of us are helped by the latest breakthrough.
    Then maybe all of us can have some freedom from the pain we carry with us each and every day. That would be an answered prayer!
    Lots of love,
    Faith :)