fibromyalgia and dental work

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    i have a lot of problems with my teeth, decay, cavities and hve had to have 5 extracted just in the last few months. 4 were through an oral surgeon which turned out fine but the last on was on 6/26/08 and i had a tooth break, i could not get in to the oral surgeon so i called my regular dentists office. there was a dentist there who was filling in for the regular dentist because she is out on a family emergency. this dentist said he would pull the tooth, i was worried becaust it was broke off quite low to the gum. it took 4 hours to get it out i left there in tears. i was very sore too begin with because of the stress of just going i am teriffied of dentists to begin with. when he was done he said there was a small peice of root left in but it would heal and there would be no problem. went back 7/2/08 and there was another dentist covering she could not take the stiches out because it was not closing and there was an infection. went back 7/8/08 and she took out the stiches and said it was not closed and would not close until that peice of tooth is out, she did an x-ray and said i needed to go to an oral surgeon to get out the root. on 7/10/08 i went to the oral surgeon her removed the root and said he does not believe that the dentist even attempted to pull it because it is a difficult extraction to begin with. he also commented he hoped that, that dentist would not be back in the office any time soon. well my dental ins is maxed so i had to pay for the oral surgeon out of my pocket, over $300.00. he got the root out but my jaw and tounge and mouth are very, very sore, i take vicodin for my fibro pain and it doesn't even touch it. i don't know where to go now i have health insurance but i don't know what kind of doctor to see for my mouth now, the gum where it is stiched is very painful there is a terrible streching if i smile, yawn or try to stretch my jaw. i also have sjrogen's symdrome which makes my mouth very dry any way that is part of my dental issues. if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them or what type of md i can see for my mouth so my health insurance will cover it.
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    of that incompetent dentist
    sorry to hear that
    I can't write much now in a hurry, but fms/cfs folks do need to be careful with dental stuff, it can flare up pain etc
    I just found tht taking amoxicillin at dentist before they do the work helps prevent some of flareup, that was a surprise and says a lot

    maybe you could talk to your ins. co. about what happened with one bad dentist and they would pursue it?
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    I honestly don't have any advice but I would like to send a cyber hug for you. I'm still new to the dd and I'm still learning .

    Someone does need to know about the fill in dentist........that is just wrong. I would speak up as you don't want other people to go through the same thing.

    sending lots of positive thoughts your way,
    Take care, Susan
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    I am having the same problem, as I do not have dental insurance and when I did it was not worthwhile.

    Have they given you anything for the infection? I would assume they would.

    The reason I ask is about six years ago, I had a root canel and it became infected. There was a lot of infection but the dentist said he thought the topical antibiotic would take care of it. By the next morning ,my face on one side became so swollen and I was put on some VERY STRONG antibiotics as you have to be careful with an infection so close to the brain and they worried that it was going to the bone.

    We have a junior college here with a dental hygienist program. You can sign up to get your teeth cleaned, xrays, etc. at no charge. My appointment is not until September, but I have heard good things about the program.

    Sometimes insurance will cover oral surgery if that is what you need. But check your policy.

    Just hearing about your ordeal makes me hurt. I hope you get it resolved. Soon!!

    This may not be completely related to what you are going through but wanted to let people know there are some resources out there unfortunately for these you have to live close to a college that offers these programs or a dental school. These programs are monitored by a dentist.

    You might also call a social services agency to see if they have any programs.

    Take care,
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