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    Another bad day and trying to cope. Had to come home from work early and with a migraine, called in to see the doc and will go in tomorrow at 9 A, and I'll be going to get a massage at 3:30 (only bright spot of the day!). I hurt, feel nauseated, am just plain miserable today . . .!!! Had to vent that out.

    OK, here's what I've found from the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, Inc. e-mail response:

    We do not contract with any insurance company. Since you have a ppo plan, we give you the paperwork to file to get partial reimbursement for going to an out of network provider.

    Do you live within 3 hours from a center? If so, the cost is $325 each for the first two appointments. All follow up appointments are $165 and they run about 4-6 weeks apart.

    Please call for more information.
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    I posted the response that I received and in the response, the person wrote, "Please call for more information."

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    Information packet with all their costs, what they focus on, payment plan, etc for free, also. That might give all of you more info...

    But also says they use Infusion (IV) therapies - $70-115 per IV

    Injections - trigger point....$100 per 10 cc syringe prepared, and multiple syringes may be needed for large areas or multiple tender points

    Supplements - wide variety from $8 - $320....most common are in the $25-$60 range

    And of course lab testing, which they will direct bill for. ]

    Don't know answer exactly to question re: more than 3 hrs away, but do know they tailor a unique plan (as its unlikely you'll be able to go every 3 weeks)

    I remember one member here (can't think of who! sorry!) that after her first 2 visits, most of her follow up was done via phone and she had good results.

    I've looked into it bigtime but haven't gone bc I just flat out can't afford it may very well reimburse more than half of cost of average visits, but the "treatments" like IV, supplements, etc ususally aren't covered by ins at all...I simply don't have out of pocket $ avail. But heard great things, and they do have a carecredit option, which is a healcare credit card to be used at their facilities....I believe 6 mos interest free, then abt 12-13% interest

    Hope that helped...happened to have price sheet right in front of me, but as I said you can call them and get whole info packet, plus I know most of the branches have 1 night per month that is a free seminar to explain everything.

    Good luck!!!
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    I think the 3 hours from the center question is about being able to do phone consults with the doctor. If you look back at Dncnfngrs FFC post, she has the figures for the phone consult.

    I go for my second visit tomorrow to the Seattle FFC.

    Hope the migraine was rubbed out by your massage.

    Take care!

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    Rachel, thanks for the input on the materials sent and detailed costs, etc. Think I'll send away for a packet of info.

    rileyearl, good to know that phone visits are a possibility. The massage was good; however I stayed home today from work and slept all day, then went to my chiro and found out I had another congenital defect! Seems that I have many of those . . all found out about after testing started to rule out other things! The CFS is really bad these days for me, and I'm having more and more migraines. Hoping the adjustments will help.

    And . . dncnfngrs, really good to know that you are having such positive results with the therapy. Please keep us all posted!

    Thanks to all of you.