fibromyalgia and infertility

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    In my 30's I went through years of fertility treatment and finally adopted my daughter. I had mild symptoms of the fibro back then but I did not know what it was....Then at 50 years old and menapause...FM hit me like a brick wall. I am convinced Fibro is connected to hormones as well as other factors, like thyroid problems ( which I also had )

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    Hi Besintex & JMQ,

    I've read that even relatively mild adrenal insufficiency can result in infertility, even in otherwise healthy women. Many with CFS and/or FM have varying degrees of adrenal weakness, and could be why they have trouble conceiving.

    Best, Wayne
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    I've had hormonal imbalances ever since I first started getting the FM symptoms. I have never been able to have kids with this disease.

    All these years later, they have now found I have uterine fibroids, and the doc thinks I've had that all along. And she's now testing me for a pituitary tumor because she said my hormone tests are indicative of one.

    But I never had problems until I got the Fibro symptoms. Whatever caused all this in me, that's when it all started together. I had Fibro symptoms, plus POTS symptoms, and irregular bleeding and stomach problems. Like the list goes on.
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    I've had FM since age 15. I had 2 children at 27 and 31. I'm 57 and still in pain after all these years....Unbelievable.