fibromyalgia and muscle atrophy???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunshineno2, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. sunshineno2

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    Has anyone that has fibomyalgia had muscle atrophy too? I have lost tons of muscle mass, it seems since I have suffered with this syndrome. I am 56, and ofcourse having fibro and degenerative disc disease keeps me from moving like I should. But this is UGLY. AND MY SKIN HANGS. I WAS HEAVIER AT ONE TIME. MAYBE 30 POUNDS OR SO. SO THAT MAY HAVE A LITTLE TO DO WITH IT. BUT IT IS BAD ALL OVER MY BODY. Some input would be appreciated. (((HUGS))) sunshineno2
  2. SnooZQ

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    ME too. Wrinkly skin hanging where there used to be a little muscle. Esp. on the upper arms.

    Part of the muscle mass loss for me is inactivity. Jam's idea to use therabands is a great one. I have some sitting around ... You can get the bands "graded" -- start with ones that are easier to stretch & work your way up to the harder ones as your muscle comes back.

    The other thing, since you're my age -- have you had your free testosterone level checked? If it's low, you're gonna lose muscle big time. Even us girls need a little Mr. T. to keep our muscle, repair day-to-day muscle damage, etc. If you test low,you can get a compounded cream/gel that is marvelous both for energy as well as for the muscles.

    Good luck.
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    I've had fibro most of my life and it hadn't caused muscle mass loss, but when I developed chronic fatigue about twelve years ago it became a problem. I'm 62 and I don't want to loose muscle, whatever the cause. In order to try to condition my muscles I have to do what I'm able when I'm able. I have three pound and five pound weights by my bed. I can lie on the bed and do various arm exercises. If I'm feeling up to it, in the kitchen I used canned products for weights to do a few reps. My favorite arm exercise is lying on my bed and I bench press my big kitty. He's just stretched out between my hands. He's mellow enough that I can raise and lower him until my arms get tired. That one always makes me giggle.

    I find my hammock useful for my leg muscles. If I can do nothing else, I can usually rock myself in my hammock. The rocking motion helps my body forget that it's in such pain, and my leg muscles are getting exercise with the contraction and release required to make me rock. I try to do a few easy knee bends and bottom clinches while brushing my teeth and while washing dishes. And I also have a stretching band which feels really good to use.

    It had been a loosing battle 'cause I had undiagnosed diverticulitus and bleeding ulcers for over a year, so my body core was in terrible pain (I was being told I had IBS). Now that those things are getting under control, I'm starting back on track with Jami's Silly School of Muscle Mass Maintanence!
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    I too am having the same problem. I stopped working at the end of June and have lost 15 lbs since then. I notice it mostly in my arms as I've had some shoulder/neck problems along with the FM.

    I feel like my figure is turning into a guy more than a girl. Maybe it's the loss of estrogen as well. (I'm way past menopause). Seems like I've lost my waist entirely and I'm just straight down!

    It always has to be something huh!