Fibromyalgia and over active jaw nerves?

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    I have FM and also many people in my family have very soft teeth that rot from the inside out and break off no matter how well you care for them. I suffered from horrible jaw, cheek, nose, ear and temple pain and thought it was coming from my back teeth and so I had all of them pulled due to decay. The problem is I now have the same tooth pain where there are no teeth. It is the strangest thing and I can't stop it. It can come for a few hours or a few days and then go away to only come back again. Heat seems to help quite a bit and relazing my jaw and head muscles (usually sleep) but it won't go away fully. Any ideas??? I am on 2000u of vitamin D each day and other supplements and eat as much fresh food as possible.
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    Is there also pain when you press behind your jaw and under your ear? if so clenching your jaw in fibro is common. Unfortunately not only can this cause jaw, temple and facial pain but does help with teeth. If heat is working try massaging said areas to if you respond to that its probably tmj. Some people choose to wear a bite guard as this can help. I got diagnosed with jaw spasms at 23 was one of my first pre existing symptoms. Since ive always used heat and massage, diazepam can also reduce spasms but to be used sparingly as its addictive. Acid reflux doesnt help teeth either, if your lacking salvia you can also buy a replacement gel. Salvia helps keep teeth clean.