Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Buffyfl, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I have been diagnosed with Fibro and Rheumatoid Arthritis 4 years ago. Continued to push myself to work because of Medical Coverage. Once my husband new he had medical coverage I quit my job because I could not keep up with the pressure of typing, filing and walking. I was totally miserable. Instead of eating lunch I would lay my head down on the desk to nap. My boss didn't like that idea, so I used 1/2 days of vacation and 1/2 days of sick to give me time to deal with my fatigue and problems. I filed for disability about 8 months after I left my employer and have been denied twice.

    I feel my life is just wasting away. Is there relief at the end of all this?
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    for Buffy.
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    for Buffy
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    So sorry you are feeling so down right now. Hopefully as you come to terms with your illness you will find "things" (projects, etc.) that will help you feel more worthwhile. Just remember at least you are there for your husband, he picked you in sickness and in health. He must care for you and want you by his side since he got the medical coverage you needed. I'm sure you would have done the same for him.

    Take care.
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    You deserve my utmost attention to your subject. I hope to write you tomorrow. Right now, let me just echo your other commenter. It does get better. You will have bad days; but better ones will be coming soon. Don't give up. Hang in there. More later. Pippat
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    i know how u feel,does listenting to music helps and lots of cuddles.and do things for YOU lol deb