Fibromyalgia and SUGAR?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Do you think diet makes a BIG difference? Sugar and flour is in soo much but I am so tired of so many areas being in pain! What do you eat, vegetables and fruit?
  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I avoid sugar cane and corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup. It does help reduce my pain, stiffness, fatigue and brain fog.

    I don't avoid white flour....although I did during my elimination diet. Alot of people do and that helps many people in addition to the sugar and corn syrup.

    I will be starting treatment for lyme disease soon, so I may need to avoid white flour then.

    I eat "everything else".....lots of things....just not many processed foods.

    For breakfast I usually eat cream of rice, old fashioned oatmeal, or eggs. I may use some raisins or honey in my oatmeal or cream of rice.

    For lunch....leftovers or baked sweet potaotes, haddock, any kind of protein and veggies or fruit.

    For supper I eat fish, chicken, pork or beef, a salad with homemade dressing of canola oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, etc., and a veggie...and sometimes brown rice or arborio rice.

    For snacks I eat fruit, raw nuts that I have roasted in the oven for 5 min, pretzels that do not have sugar, corn syrup or cottonseed oil, veggies, natural cashew butter or natural peanut butter on celery, etc.

    There really are all sorts of possibilities. Just think of what you would've eaten if you lived 100 years ago and all the prepared and processed foods were not available. Don't even go down those aisles in the store. Try new fruits, veggies, fish, raw nuts that don't contain oils and other additives that you can easily roast on a cookie sheet.

    Give it a try for at least 2 weeks and I think you will see a difference in how you feel.

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    I have found since I went real low carb my pain has dropped a lot! And I sleep 4-5 hours straight through, that hasn't happened in 15 years. Atkins or South Beach are good. They do allow a lot of cheese and I found I have a sensitivity to dairy so avoid any dairy except yogurt and kifir - unsweetened. I'll put some stevia or raw honey for a sweetener.

    Do a search on low carb diets, there are lots of recipes. I like Atkins, his first 2 weeks to break the sugar addiction is really strict and that is what the news media and people latched on to to say it was so unhealthy, but they never checked out the rest of the plan. It's very healthy. He advocated all natural and no nitrates or hydrogenated oils way before other doctors found these to be deadly.

    If you can eat healthy 80% of the time you will really benefit from changing the diet.

    You do have to read labels and go by the glycemic levels- Atkins also started that one, too LOL I keep my carb count to less than 100 a day -the average person is around 400 with SAD diet. The only thing that doesn't have carbs in meat.

    There's lot of products out there that work- Ekekiel 4:9 bread. Try different fours, I use almond meal and coconut flour a lot. It does take some planning and time to fix meals. But even frozen dinners like Amy's can be healthy. Eating fruit is okay but I do stay away from the high sugar ones. And I limit my root crops to maybe once a week.

    One thing, stay away from Splendia in the powdered form, they are finding it is as bad as Aspartane.

    It really makes a difference in all our health problems.

    I came back to edit this and saw Nanie had posted just about what I was going to add LOL I do use udon noodles for pasta they are made with rice and I found that tomatoe sauce with herbs does not have added sugar. Like Nannie said just eat like they did before all the cane sugar hit the United States and before processing of food started.
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    I have Fibromyalgia and have been living with it for over 6 years now. I did a lot of research and there are many schools of thought out there. I went back to the basics and started to eliminate certain foods from my diet, like sugar, wheat flour, nightshade veggies (tomatoes, peppers etc) and increased my veggies and fruit. I am not totally cured but I function far better now. Add some exercise like walking and your life will become easier. I found heat helps the pain and stretching as in a Yoga class. Yoga can be done in a really warm room to help those stiff and unyeilding muscles relax. Hope this helps.

    LISALOO New Member

    I have CFS and high fructose corn syrup and wheat really did make me worse. I've been told by countless drs that sugar, even a little, causes the immune system to drop. I've read about 12 hours.

    But sugar free stuff is bad too because I get worse from that stuff than sugar. I'm working on giving up sugar now. 4 days down, a lifetime to go.
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    I think for SOME of us, diet does make a big difference. But I am not at all sure that diet is the main culprit for every fibro sufferer.

    For 5 decades I suffered from severe IBS (incl 3 hospitalizations for same) but that has COMPLETELY resolved with removal of gluten from my diet -- a huge boon to me.

    Post-menopausally I developed severe overactive bladder, nocturia (up 7- 20 times a night to pee) & occasional interstitial cystitis bouts. But I'm on top of that with dietary changes that first eliminated all acids from diet (most fruits, juices, condiments with vinegar) & caffeine sources. I then began rebuilding my bladder lining with a supp & my bladder can now tolerate small amts of acidic fruits, condiments, & tea. However, I the course of doing elimination & challenge trials with acidic foods, I found that acids also can increase my muscle pain.

    Since developing a thyroid condition that greatly increases my fibro pain, I've discovered that certain veg, vegetable oils, peanuts, and soy -- foods that decrease thyroid hormone function -- if overdone, cause me significant & predictable flaring within an hour of consumption.

    I am nightshade-sensitive (tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers, nicotine) so I eliminate those from my diet/life/environment. Since removing nightshades, my arthritis pain, redness & swelling are significantly reduced. If I REALLY want to have a little ketchup, I can choose to do so, if it's convenient for me to be hobbled for 3 or 4 days. (Not often!) To give you an idea of how nightshade-sensitive I am, my DH & I attended a real estate open house a few months back which turned out to be the home of a heavy smoker. We spent about 5 minutes touring the house. Only 10 minutes later, my fingers & wrists were developing noticeable redness & significant swelling as a result of simply inhaling the second-hand smoke remnants & perhaps touching a few contaminated door knobs.

    I have allergies to dairy & egg.

    Too much sugar flares both my muscle pain and my joint pain. I do tolerate small amts of sugar, but do better with a little honey or stevia if I need sweetness.

    So my diet is gluten, dairy & egg-free. Nightshade-free and very low acid. Low/infrequent intake of goitrogenic foods and sugar.

    If I lived to eat, I would be very depressed. However, there are still many, many foods I can enjoy (though I must prepare most everything from scratch). I've simply made a choice: easy, standard junky American diet, or having a life. I've chosen the latter. Not everyone would choose as I have.

    It's taken me many years to sort this all out, but I do attribute my relative recovery from fibro, in part due to dietary changes. I still have fibro, but it is much milder, with fewer, shorter & milder flares, than in past. There are many days now that I do not have any fibro pain at all. At its worst my fibro was moderately severe -- I had pain day & night, used a walker at times & a cane most days, often housebound because of inability (muscle pain & weakness, joint pain) to negotiate the 4 steps out of my house.

    There are other treatment modalities I've employed in addition to the diet, but I do view the dietary changes as foundational to my progress.

    To be fair, I do not believe that most folks with fibro have as many food allergies & intolerances as I do. However, I do wonder if there aren't many with fibro who have SOME sort of dietary issue that contributes to their suffering ...

    Best wishes.

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  7. hermitlady

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    I recently met a woman (~40 yrs old, and the mother of a child in my daughter's class) who told me she suffered from FM for about 6 yrs. She heard stories from friends about people being "cured" from different illnesses (one was a woman at her church w some type of Leukemia) by following a special diet.

    It's called "The Hallelujah Diet", I looked it up on the web and it's found on a site for "Hallelujah Acres". It looks to be another diet that avoids sugar, white flour etc, meats, etc. Also requires a lot of Juicing of carrots mainly plus other fruits and veggies. I still need to read up on it some more.

    Anyway, this woman I met said she did the diet for about 6 months and ever since then, her FM is GONE! She had previously seen many drs and specialists, had all kinds of tests and scans done, and was told by all that she did indeed have FM.

    I plan on talking to her in length about all of this within the next couple of wks (she's been out of town). She was very excited and enthusiastic telling me about how the Hallelujah Diet saved her life, she wants me to try it. Sounds pretty restrictive and the juicing would be a lot of work and $$, but I'd be open to trying it. I'll post more info when I get it.
  8. Janalynn

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    If you need to know what foods have sugar in them or are high in sugar including some vegetables, read Suzanne Somers book. She also has GREAT recipes.

    I have done her "diet" or way of eating several times and felt pretty good, especially my digestive system.
    No corn, carrots or bananas - all high in sugar. Something I never knew. I started reading labels, finding a spagetti sauce that only had 1 gram of sugar, realized that Blue Cheese Dressing (if you're tired of oil/vinegar mixes) also has 1 gram of sugar.

    I do use Splenda now and not sure how that affects me.
  9. hannahfaid

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    I try so hard to avoid it, but it just gets so hard when ya feel like garbage.. I have 2-3 cokes a day and thats good for me!! I was drinking much more.. Just can't knock it... I think I have candidiasis too. I was told by a naturopath back in Texas.. so my dr won't listen to me, I have oredered a yeast panel from evenstar and will take it from there
    I try to avoid table sugar and vinegar and wheat.. I have a bunch of food sensitivities.. dairy, wheat, some fruits ... 32 foods in all.. I hear some fruit is too sweet...ughhh!!
  10. TigerLilea

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    Hi Janalynn - While it is true that corn, carrots and bananas do have a lot of sugar, what they also have is a lot of fibre. The fibre countersacts the sugar, therefore, they are still good quality food choices to consume.

    I was surprised to learn that foods such as frozen beef patties have sugar added to them; it helps to brown them when they cook. Even table salt, if you can believe it, has sugar added to it. I always assumed it was just salt and iodine. It certainly pays to read labels!

    Take care.
  11. TigerLilea

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    Hi Hannah - Did you know that Coke is very high in sodium? Apparently that is one of the reasons they have to put so much sugar in it, to disguise the flavour, otherwise, it would be too salty to drink.

    I was listening to a lecture a few days ago by a Pediatric Endocronologist at UCSF, and he claims that the sugar in pop/soda is just as hard on the liver as alcohol. That sure surprised me! It definitely has me looking at sugar a lot differently now, especially Fructose and Sucrose.

    Take care.
  12. TeaBisqit

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    I've cut back alot on sugar and breads, but I still do it. Mostly, I'll eat chicken, rice, bean soup. I tend to go plain. I'll buy a bag of frozen strawberries and eat that as a meal. I still eat pizza. Pasta, too. And I love tacos. But I do still eat things that are bad. I love ice cream and will get it about once a month.

    Today, I had cheese and french toast and for dinner I had a salmon salad sandwich on toasted white bread. So I do still eat some bread.

    I never eat set meals. I tend to eat whatever's here and just go with what I want. But I find I feel better with chicken and ground meat dishes.

    I do believe diet helps alot, but I don't worry about it so much. I know what's bad for me and I know what I feel better on, so I just try to balance it.

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