Fibromyalgia and Surgery

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    This may have been covered before . and if it has , please refer me to answers/posts/stickies.

    I have extensive female surgery coming up and I really want to make sure the surgeons know about FM and giving extra meds and positions during surgery. Has anyone encountered this , and how did you approach it ? Were the surgeons receptive ? What kind of things did they do to help?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions ? I could really use some female - type advice about this . I will be traveling out of town about 3 hours for a consult and then probably go back for a team of doctors working on me together. Right now I am a little numb and I want to start planning ahead as the consult is in August.

    Thank you !
  2. Janalynn

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    This has been brought up before and I remember reading some of what was said - I also remember reading about it in an article.

    Are you on any pain meds? You definitely want the anesthesiologist to know about that - you may need a different dose. Have a good consult with both the anesthesiologist and your team of surgeons/doctors. Talk to your regular Dr as well and ask if he/she has any advice to give on what should be mentioned. She/He may even write a letter regarding pain/pain meds.

    As far as how to approach? I'd be very matter of fact and direct. This is your body and you are your best advocate. Tell them the level of pain you have. Do some internet research if necessary to prepare and tell them what you KNOW. Do not let anyone tell you, there isn't any difference etc. Have the anesthesiologist tell you what he will do to ensure you're not in any pain. Make sure you get to talk to him. Also ask what they will do for you post surgery.

    I wish you the best for your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery!

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