Fibromyalgia and TMJ

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  1. LadyDragon

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    Hi all,
    Was wondering if anyone out there suffered from TMJ? If so, what do you do to relieve the pain? I have gone for several days before, not eating, because the pain is so bad. Our orthodontist/dentist is hesitant to treat me because of the fibro., and usually sends me to the doctor. Would like to know if there is an inexpensive/ not too painful way to treat TMJ at home.
    Thanks and (((hugs))),
  2. sierrasioux

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    i also have tmj along with the fibro. the only thing i know to use is moist heat. when it is really flared up-i take pain medicine, but run really hot water over a washcloth and wring out and hold it along the jaw area. sorry, that is all i have ever been told to do--hope this helps.
  3. j9miller

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    I suffer continually with very severe TMJ. I have had 2 surgeries and dr wants to do another one. My last surgery was a partial joint disc replacement, now it needs to come out. Have osteoarthritis in there. I take Vicodin during the day for all my pain and use lots of BenGay and Tiger Balm and sometimes heat helps a little. DO NOT have surgery unless it is the last option ... one just tends to lead to another and so on. Good luck.

  4. cyberamy

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    I used to work in dentistry and orthodontics. They can make a spint for you for TMJ. It is made of hard acrylic. You wear it at night and maybe depending how bad during the day. Try going to another dentist/orthodontist. Good luck,
  5. 2girls

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    Yes - I have TMJ. I see a wonderful jaw specialist who has made an acrylic splint, which fits on the bottom teeth. This is supposed to allow the jaw joints/muscles to relax but the doc did mention that it does'nt always work with FM patients. Lately I have noticed I clench my teeth at night - one tooth is cracked as a result. I do "excersises" for the jaw - open and close your mouth very slowly, not wide, about 10 times / 4 times/day. Heat also helps. A casual aquaintance suggested massage therapy specifically for the jaw muscles - I may give this a try as she swears by it.

  6. Katlover

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    I suffer from both too. My breaking point with the TMJ was when I woke up one morning with excrutiating pain in my jaw and couldn't hardly move my mouth. My dentist put me on 800 mg. of Ibuprophen to get the swelling and inflamation down and then made a splint for me to wear. It's kind of like those mouth appliances that boxers and football players wear, only it just covers my bottom teeth and is hard acrylic - just like the others have written about. All the dentist had to do was take an impression of my bottom teeth and then had it made. It took about 2-3 months to get the bite just right, but after it there it really does seem to help. I've noticed that it has gotten a lot better and if I feel like I'm getting stressed and grit my teeth I just pop that splint in and it keeps my jaws in line. Do you grind your teeth at night? That is/was a big problem for me. My pain management doc has kept me on the 800 mg of Ibuprophen just to try to keep everything from getting too inflamed. Talk to your dentist about getting the appliance. I don't know the exact name of it, except for calling it a splint. My insurance covered most of it (the thing costs around $600!!). Good luck with getting some relief!
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  7. VickyB

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    Did anyone feel worse when they used a mouth splint?? I used one several years ago and the splint aggravated the TMJ. Also does anyone's ears pop when they open their mouth wide?? My ears pop EVERY time I open my mouth wide. I am not sure if this goes along with TMJ or not??
  8. kadywill

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    I have had two arthroscopic surgeries to repair damage from my TMJ problem and I had a Mandibular Osteotomy in 1990. I wore braces on my teeth for many years to prepare for the surgery~~I had my mouth wired closed for awhile after the surgery. No more jaw pain for ten years. Now, when I hafta keep my mouth open for awhile or if I chew meat or anything chewy, I have a tired and achey feeling in my jaw. I don't have the sharp, extremely painful feeling I had years ago, but some of the problems are coming back, especially when I've been to the dentist for a visit. The surgeon told me that ten years is about the length of time he'd expect a person to be without pain.
    The Osteotomy was a difficult surgery to have and to recover from, but it was one I would repeat because of the severity of pain I had been having prior to the surgery. I had complete relief for over ten years and I'd say that was a success. I am STILL "mostly" pain-free.
  9. VickyB

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    I really feel for you!! You have been through alot and I thought I had it rough. I went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning and ended up with a migraine afterwards and now I am in a really bad flare all over!! I tried braces but I could not take the pain of even the elastic bands-it sent me into a really bad flare-I took a knife and cut them out, I knew I would not be able to stand the braces if I could not even wear the bands. I try not to be a whiner but the pain is awful!!

  10. Katlover

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    I actually got a lot better with the splint - I've had it for about 1 1/2 years now. Today has been really tense here at work so I've been wearing it for most of the day! My ears pop when I open my mouth wide too. If I move my jaw from side to side it pops. When I eat, folks around me can hear my jaw popping. My dad's is the same way. We are both very noisey eaters!! The dentist says that on top of having TMJ I also have an "underdeveloped" jaw so that is part of the problem.