fibromyalgia attacks are worse some days than others

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisapierce, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. lisapierce

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    I just came from the doctor and I am confused as to what to do. I have knots in my legs with brusing he said it was a fibromyalgia attack and the muscles is causing the fat to do that...I need to lose pounds and he put me on aanti depressant today called effexdor and you know the side efects on anti depressants are always weight gain..has anyone tried it? I am having a off day and needed some support just found this site now...
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    Hi Lisa,
    Yes.. some days are definitely worse than others. I have not heard anything about the bruising being caused by FM. I take Cymbalta. It is also supposed to help with pain as well as depression. I tried Effexor at one time. It didn't work for me, this was prior to the FM.
    Maybe some others here on the board will know more about the bruising than I do. I have been having a "flare" since Sunday evening. Nothing is helping the pain. I am not sleeping good at night. Went to my dr on Wednesday to get a pain shot and even that hasn't helped.
    I've learned this DD is just a trial and error situation. YOu keep trying things until something finally works!

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    The pain I have from fibro feels like I have bruising,but I have no bruising on the outside.I haven't heard of the muscles causing the fat to bruise.Maybe someone else has?I am on effexor xr.I've been on it a dosage has been increased gradually.I didn't think it was going to work at first.I'm at has not helped with my pain,but it has helped alot with my depression.I haven't noticed weight gain with effexor,but we are all different.Lyrica put alot of weight on me,that I haven't been able to lose,unfortunately it didn't help with my pain either,made it worse.
    Have you tried massaging your legs or warm or cold compresses? It may help.I'm sorry your having pain.We are all to familiar with it!
    I hope you'll be feeling better soon.
    And welcome to the board,you'll find some very informative and beautiful people here! Gentle Hugs,Robin
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    I get an achy pain that feels like I just got hit by a linebacker. I have worse days, weeks, months, then others. I have noticed that as I feel better, longer I do more, and then I am back in bed... like now.

    I don't do suprises, I plan everything, and I say no alot! I plan everything!! And I plan little in my schedule so if I feel bad, I can go to bed. I have a great support system and I am naturally pushy... both help!

    In the mean time:
    make a family calendar
    hot bath every night with epsom salt and a stupid book!
    exercise 5-20 min 3x a week, minimal walking atleast

    My experience with effexor: Can cause anorexia nurvosa to become worse (watched a good friend become see through). I am bipolar so it landed me in the psych ward where I got my official diagnosis.... bad thing, great outcome.

    Good luck!
  5. lisapierce

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    Does anyone experience the 'hard to lose weight syndrome' some days I step on the scale and I am 10 pounds lighter than the day before. When the inflamation is bad I gain 10 pounds. I have been on a calorie counting diet for a week. The docotor said if I lose some weight my pain will be better. I need to lose 50 pounds. this is so great to talk to someone who understands about the knots and the pain that has taken over our lives. can anyone relate to these sympoms? who is on relafen? I am takin relefen and effexor any side effects?
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    and welcome to the board. You have found a great place to come for comfort and for some incredible information. Up at the top of this page there is a search box and beside that it says "by" you can put "bruise" in the search and "by" title or pull down the screen for content. You can find so much here that way. I personally haven't heard of bruising by fm.

    Weight gain is common because we are in a lot of pain and excercising some days are just impossible. Alot of us gain weight because of the med's we are on but we would rather be a little overweight then to have the bear the pain.

    I would strongly recommend buying these two books since you have "knots" in your legs. One is "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain" A survival manual by Devin Starlanyl and the other book is "The Trigger Point Therapy" book by Clair Davies. Why do I recommend them? Alot of us here also have CMP as well as Fibro and many of us also do our own therapy at home. I hope this helps. P
  7. celeste1226

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    I do get bruises. i posted a few days ago about this. And some people said they bruise also. I had not heard of the fat causing the bruies tho. I am about 15 lbs overweight. which is not much but still need to lose it. My doc put me on cymbalta and it seems to curve my appetite. so hopefully this will help me lose those 15 lbs. the pain is still there. I bruise very easily sometimes I have no idea where the bruises come from. My labs always come back normal for anemia or lack of iron. my vitamins levels are all normal also. So your not alone in the bruising area. others have it too.