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    Has anyone in this community ever heard of or know any truthful information about this? How in the world can the insurance industry try to make this to be why I am numb in the face after pulling 7 teeth?

    2-3 weeks after this extraction of 7 teeth I had a numb nose, deeply numb and then I live with a facial mask of numbness period and nothing has changed for over 2 years.

    It starts at my forehead, around the eyes, both cheeks, right below the nose mostly to the upper lip and upper gums.

    I had those electric shocks across my face for 10 days. On the right side to the bottom remaining teeth. This was so very painful. Now I still have them at times, but not as bad.

    I know also that the defense side will look back into my previous dentistry and there is not anything there of being numb before the 7 teeth extraction. Nothing in my past medicals show that I ever had a numb face reported.

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    for TMJ syndrome? When I am having a flare-up with TMJ
    I experience numbness. Fibromyalgia people tend to have
    this syndrome also. Mary
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    be sure that none of your nerves were not damaged during the extractions??? Were you having the numbness before the dental procedure? Is there any way this can be looked into? A violent procedure like tooth extraction can cause damage to the facial nerves if not done carefully.
    I would agree that TMJ should be looked into.
  4. Eva2005

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    while I waited for my first two children to be born. The dentist had told me that I would need to have my wisdom teeth removed. One was coming in sideways. I was 27 by the time I finally went in. They hurt soooo bad. He explained to me that there are nerves that run across the top of your lips and below them that could be wrapped with roots from the teeth and they did not want to be held responsible for permanent damage if they would happen to destroy one. That almost made me not have the procedure. Well I had to. I am glad I did. I did have the same symptoms you describe but after a few years. I had this severe sudden burning pain and within 20 to 30 minutes I could feel everything again. I was so shocked. I remember for the longest time. While I was eating someone would say you have food on your chin and I had never even felt a thing. I hope that you have relief soon.
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    ...BUT, mine just happened from out of the blue. I got Electric shocks in face, tingling buzzing in face, cold and numb patches or even burning patches of skin on my face and muscle twitches. It was the 1st symptom of my FMS that brought me to the Dr. then I started getting the electric shocks and muscle twitches in my body and then the pain and fatigue came. I hadnt had anything but a cleaning done within 10 years so it could happen without a tooth extraction.Its FISHY that yours happened right after. Did you have FMS before this or did they diagnose you based on this? I hope this goes away for you, I know the face stuff is creepy. JUNE-BUG P.S. check with a TMJD specialist because the other posts are right. I have TMJD and my general Dr. said a lot of people get it after dental procedures or ortho. stuff because they mess with your jaw or bite.
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    I was told back in 1989 that I had Fibromyaglia. Never had any face numbness happen to me with any other dental procedure thru the years.

    Then in April 2003 the Oral Surgeon just pulls the 7 teeth. He does not consult with me when I frist meet him and take his own x-rays, my history and no patient informed paper. He looked at my 6 teeth to be pulled in 5 minutes the first time, and I was asked to see him again for tooth #30 to be pulled the second time, so he scheduled surgery date. He pulled them and in 3 weeks I complain of numbness, vertigo.

    I saw him and he pricked my upper gums with a toothpick, told me to see my family doctor for the vertigo, because I may have allergies. He told me is not to be balmed for anything. Well, ok, what about me with this complaint then? What should he have done for me then, that day? Talk with me, care for me, explain the medical mishaps maybe.

    Ok, I felt that he was not caring for me and sent me on. I went to the family doctor and he gave me some nose spray, but I never paid for that, because I knew my nose was numb deep inside and the nostrils were staying in that phase like the numbing shots were not wearing off. I have tight, pulling skin from the forehead to upper lip.

    I even asked my family doctor to get my dental records and then he could treat me for whatever, but he would not do that because treatments for dental injury is for the Oral Surgeon or General Dentist to handle.

    Now, I got enough courage to go back to the OS with my husband and this OS again blew me off. He told me without ever testing, that I may have MS, nose polyps and cancer! I had no help from 3 doctors in my life at that time. What is a patient to do?

    I had my left eye close up almost in June 2003. I had more and more positional vertigo and I was having facial skin areas staying numb. By August 2003, I was sick, but why? I began headaches, neck pain, shoulders became painful and on down my shoulder blades. My lower spine was changing inside, I could feel this change.

    I have seen the neurologist. On the first visit she just heard my story without any testing on the face. There was not any neurosenory done on the face. I had a nerve conduction test on the neck and left arm. So, she told me that I had a bulging disc. She had my MRI to tell her that much. She sent me on. Now what?

    I continued on and saw the orthopedic man and he told me that I had to injure my shoulder. That was a lie, but I was in pain and had 3 shots from him. No more now. I continued on and saw the neurologist again and now she wants to test the right side of my neck and right arm. Why?

    I denied that test. I went back and forth to my primary doctor, over and over for 2 years now. I started to see the chiropractor and that seemed ok at the start. But, I was still sick inside and no one was getting to the bottom of it all. Man was I ever hurt. I was at the bottom of my life with all of these medical providers.

    Then, in April 2005 I have to see a new general dentist and maybe a new Oral Surgeon. I had bad right side jaw pain. I had TMJ long ago after a past car accident in 1983. I had some popping thru the years.

    This new general dentist did his intake and saw that I had a abcessed tooth #30. In April 2003 that dentist had bridged tooth #28 over to tooth #30. Tooth #29 was not there. He used a plastic resign bridge. That should not have been done!!! It created a area of bacteria to stay at the gum line and he wanted this evaluated now by the Oral Surgeon.

    In June 2005 I had to have tooth #30 pulled. The bridge was cut off. Tooth #28 went into extreme pain for days and I had to see my family doctor. He told me that I had Staph Infection! The OS told me that I did not need any antibiotics because he abridged the infection, meaning cut it out I assume.

    I took the 10 days of antibiotics. I still have bad pain in my jaw line and up to all the bottom teeth. I had to cancel a new appointment with this OS, because I am so fearful folks!

    It is now August 1, 2005 and I am stuck. I do not know what to do next with any medical provider. I am in my lawsuit with this past Oral Surgeon. I amthinking that I had the Staph Infection back from April 2003 and it has caused me all of this crap. And I do not walk hardly anymore now. Why is that? Do I have neuro-damage.
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    and at a loss as to what to say. I sincerely wish I could give you some advice. It sounds like you have been completely failed by the medical community at large.

    To be honest, I found some of your story hard to follow, but the way I read it, you have bounced from doctor to doctor because of this facial numbness and no one has done anything.

    As I said, I am at a loss, and I don't blame you for being fearful of dentists. My suggestion would be to try another OS, but I am not sure even I would do that. I am sure you are tired of going and going with no results to show for it.

    You might try some research on the internet for related injuries and see if you can turn something up yourself that you could then take to a doctor or dentist and ask them to try or consider.

    That is what I do with my FM. I listen to my friends here and what works for them and they research on the net and go to the doc for a script if one is needed.

  8. BHonestnow

    BHonestnow New Member

    There is one way, the only way in this bouncing around in my medical communtiy to understand. Let me first inform you all that in April 2002 my mother died.

    I started the investigation after we took my mother out of the nursing home on April 10, 2002. She was admitted there on March 21, 2002 and stayed for 19 days being starved to her death. We had a 3 hour fight to even get her out!

    I took her to see a doctor and he did nothing about seeing her starved to death. I had home health care see my mother and they did nothing, except clean her bedsores.

    I had the Adult Protective Worker and mother's caseworker to hear my pleas for help while mother was inside of the nursing home being starved to her death. No one came and saw anything! Very abnormal, because all of our local resources for the elderly have offices and you use them, right?.

    Well, not in this case and I want to know why no one in 64 days examined my mother for this aneurysm while she was in my town. Before she arrived here she had been already neglected and that is why we rescued her on Feb. 11, 2002. Mother was at Mckenzie Willamette on Feb. 8, 2002 for help. They did not admit her and she is in severe pain!!!

    After coming to Salem I had her admitted for pneumonia on Feb. 12, 2002 and in March she was admitted for the Urinary Tract Infection. Mother was forced out of Salem Hospital on March 21, 2002 with this aneurysm.

    Then, 19 days at the nursing home starving to her death and all the legal community call this "poor judgment" not to feed her. She lived beyond life expectancy, which is 74 years of age, so her case has no value and they all have a legal right to kill her?

    Excuse me for revealing all of this, but you stated that all of this dental story was hard to follow, so here, with this background info, you can see better into why I am bouncing around.

    So, after the staff achieved their agenda and compromised my mother's life, we confronted the State of Oregon with MASSIVE ATTACKS.

    I had the autopsy and it told me what had killed my mother. Mother's health had been neglected since January 2001 and the autopsy revealed the facts. She had the aneurysm! her last Abdominal CT Scan was 2001 and that makes almost 1 year living in extreme pain and dying.

    I moved her without knowing that she had the aneurysm! Why were we not told? I am told it is because I was not a representative of her estate with a medical release to know what that January 2001 scan showed.

    This family had no rights by the laws of the State of Oregon Insurance Industry or from the medical community to know what was to kill her.

    The insurance industry and all medical providers escaped treating this matter, until I had the autopsy and bought all the medicals documents proving what I uncovered. Now, this town is guilty and I have shoved it in their faces.

    Ok, now it is April 2003 and I have teeth extractions.
    I knew that I was left with a facial mask of numbness.
    I was held off from filing this lawsuit for 2 years by my lawyer. She filed it right before the Statues ran out. It would be legal malpractice if she did not file it. Since it was filed in April 2005 I am railroaded to lose this case by all of them.

    Now, mind you, that I had been interviewed by American Association of Physcians & Surgeons on my mother's death, AAPSONLINE.ORG and little did I know what that world wide interview would do to me and family members. This happend in August 2002.

    This family was threatend inside of the interview, which I have 30 pages of insults, humilation, nasty & cruel remarks! It will be posted on my website soon. All of this is the foundation that is layed out for my medical neglect and losing this dental lawsuit.

    I do have my mother's website listed and the important material is not for viewing, but it is opened at this time. Legal reasons keep all of it from being seen yet, but there is a home page for now at:

    I do hope you all can and will digest what I have told you here. I am rejected in this community, blacklisted and kept from recieving rightful medical care. This will be very public in a matter of time in Oregon.

    Back to my dental focus here. After the last tooth extraction #30 and the bridge being cut off from #28 to #30, June 17, 2005 I had my next appointment with this new Oral Surgeon so that he could map out the past nerve damage. Guess what? The day of my appointment I get a call from the OSoffice and now he got sick that day, so he was not treating patients. They wanted me to set another date and I did. I was to believe from my husband that I would have dental insurance and major medical coverage. Not yet folks!

    But, due to some recent insurance coverage in the making that I have applied for, I have now had HIPPA LAWS broken. I missed that last dental appoitment for major reasons!!! I have spent the last month and into this month trying to get a insurance policy. It is a policy for my husband and I am under him on that policy. I was turned down and he was not. I know why.

    It is their way of hurting me because I still can sue for the wrongful death negligence case on my mother. My own primary doctor is playing with my life also. My medical files show and tell the truth. It is not normal for over 2 years to be kept from seeing specialists. I saw the Orthopedic and the Neurologist as I told you and they have no clues.

    There is no answers for Joanie because she sues doctors!!!!!!!!! I am trying to sue, but no Oregon lawyer will take my mother's case and file it in the courts. Since that interview in August 2002 I have been shown by the medical community what they think and feel about me.

    Now, enough said on that. I am where I am today because they all allowed the death of my mother and anything that has happend to me so far, by any of them, will not stop me from exposing this medical communtiy of their dirty and nasty ways to get rid of one elderly person.

    I will stay scared.

    Meaning, if and when I can find a real dentist who cares I will attempted to have dental work done, but in my mind, I am living with the ("What If" I am harmed even more!!!)

    The minute any doctor gets me as a patient, they close me out of the best possible care and the truthful answers. The answers I need for my denatl lawsuit will not be forth coming, so therefore, I will lose my lawsuit. It is all planned out for me in Salem, Oregon and I will not have any Justice here.

    Bye and thanks for trying to follow my story and my life.

    God help Us All.

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