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    Hi I looking for someone. That has fibromyalgia and blood clots. I need help have had fibromyalgia for 15 years. 15 months ago I got several blood clots in my leg. Had very bad pain after that. 1 month ago got new blood clot I can not walk on my leg to much pain. Say blood clot is disoved now on vicadin and comadin. Have seen specialist including pain managment. If you have both fibromyalgia and blood clots. Please help want are you going though. Can't handle the pain any more. Can't take stronger pain medicine. Cathy
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    Run a search on hypercoagulation in the window above and you'll find lot's of connections. Jellybelly's posts are particularly clear. Hang in there; hope you feel better soon. Let us know if you have any further questions.
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    Hi Cathy,

    I'm not sure if my experience is relative to yours, but I have had a dvt, blood clot in my upper thigh. It happened 11 years ago, just got fm diagnosis 3 months ago.

    What I do know about me is that I also have sle(lupus) for 16 years and have the antiphospholipid antibody. I assume for me the lupus and aps go together, don't know your history nor am I a dr, but you don't have to have lupus to have that antibody.

    you may want to find out if you have been tested for this. I was hospitalized at the time of the clot and also went on coumadin. It has been years and I take just baby asprin and have my blood drawn to keep it in check. Good luck to you,