Fibromyalgia Blues (A Poem)

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  1. akandmk

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    Fibromyalgia Blues
    I'm so lonely inside,
    tired of being blue.
    I want the old me back
    and so do you.

    This isn't the me
    I want to be.
    To young to be old.
    But my body has another
    story to be told.

    Seeing people laughing,
    running, and playing
    make me sad.
    And because I can't always
    do those things I feel very bad.

    This illness is like a
    It came in one night
    and has brought me
    nothing but grief.

    I yearn for the days
    of the past.
    Times when my life was filled
    with joy, laughter, and hope.
    Now it seems all I do
    is cry, get mad, or mope.

    Sorry my love for
    the pain and frustration
    this has brought.
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  2. 4peas

    4peas New Member

    Thanks for sharing this; you've put all my muddled thoughts, regrets and sorrows into prose.
  3. jmq

    jmq New Member

    You said it all....and so beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing it


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