Fibromyalgia & Disability living allowance within United Kingdom

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by painfulpolly, May 22, 2005.

  1. painfulpolly

    painfulpolly New Member

    Can anyone tell me if they have made a sucessful claim for disability living allowance on the grounds of fibromyalgia?

    many thanks
  2. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    I haven't myself, but I have a friend with other diagnosed disabilities. I have helped him fill out the forms for disability allowance and they are HORRENDOUS.

    Blair's government promises everything for everyone but makes applying for benefits extremely difficult and actually making a successful claim virtually impossible.

    Sory I can't be much help - others may have more information.

  3. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    hi pain polly
    im in the uk and i got dla first time.i only got lower rate care because my wrists cant bear the weight of cooking trays and sauce pans but i have higher rate mobility which i trade for my mobility astra-which i hate and i cant wait to change it for a ford:)
  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    for CFS. Had to appeal first time and go to a tribunal. I've just sent off my application because it is up in August.

    Thing is, you have to tell them how it is on your worst days and get your doctor on your side. If you are turned down then APPEAL because most people are turned down.

    They hope people will just go away and not appeal. And it can take a long time, my first took one and a half years til I got it but it was backdated.

    Put DLA in the `search' column and you will find lots of other info from other people.

    Good luck

  5. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    Does your disability amount depend on what is wrong with you and what you can do? That's an interesting system. I'm sure it takes more time to figure out for the government but it makes sense. If someone needs help to live, it would make sense to give them more money so they could hire someone.

    In our country, it is based on years of previous employment. This means that if you never worked, you won't get as much.
  6. joools

    joools New Member

    I have CFS and was refused DLA. I have appealed and my tribunal is in June. I am on incapacity benefit and am therefore entitled to legal aid so I got free help from a solicitor who has prepared a lengthy statement for me.

    I am worried that my doctor is not on my side because she said that M.E.(CFS) is something 'people make a career of'. I'm going to try and change my doctor.

  7. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    Hi Polly
    I got DLA awarded 1ST time 7 years ago but I have to re-apply every 3 years.

    The forms are an absolute nightmare and I would advise you to get help in filling them in cos I have a sis who works for c.a.b. and she says people who fill them in themselves mostly get turned down!!

    The info they want from you is soooo intense and complicated that if you make one mistake you will be turned down.
    I had an op and was in bed for 9 months and could not walk for almost 2 years.I could not even read the form never mind fill it in so if I had not had help I would never have gotten my DLA.

    So I would always say get help from CAB or a disability centre or from a suppot group for fibro if you can find one near you.
    There are still so many docs who DO NOT believe in our illness so you have to really let them know how bad you are cos if you say you can do ANYTHING at all they will say you are ok!!!

    Good Luck Polly!!!


  8. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    photo copy your form before you send it off,it will help when it comes to filling it out next time.i forgot and now im really worried,how far can you walk?on how many days can you do this-that sort of thing ,its hellish.
  9. longleggedlady

    longleggedlady New Member


    I've got Fibromyalgia and ME (Dr says they are the same thing and are only labels) I won my appeal for DLA and got the lower rate care component due to the fact that I can't cook a main meal 7 days a week and when I do cook it makes me ill.

    One essential thing is keep a symptom and activity diary. Write down how you feel each day, what you do, what you cook and eat, how your illness progresses throughout the day as a result of what activities you've done. don't leave anything out.

    I also clarified what a good day and bad day was, the people on the tribunal actually said that my good days sounded like most other peoples really bad days. You need to put this into perspective for them as otherwise they compare a good day with their good day.

    Oh and get a copy of your medical notes, Dr's are two faced bug*ers and if you arm yourself with your notes you'll know exactly what you're up against with what your Dr has said about you. Mine was all support and understanding to my face, I got his report on me when my DLA got turned down and I appealed it and I was horrified by his true opinion of me. I booked an appointment and confronted him about it and he got extremely angry with me. Anyway you really do need your notes so you know where you stand and can correct any 'mistakes' made by a Dr who is going too far with his moral judgement.

    Hope this helps, I could add a bit more but don't know where to start
  10. russ1

    russ1 New Member

    hi everyone, i get DLA higher rate for both mobility and carers and i have fibromyalgia. i have been getting it since 1996, i believe this is because i have a great GP and also a brill consultant. and yes, it is important to photocopy your form for future reference. regards russ x
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  11. eyesofblue

    eyesofblue New Member


    I have been able to claim the lower rate dla and I also get the higher rate for mobility which I use for a car to enable me to get out occasionally. I would be totally housebound without it.

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