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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by poohbear5, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Hello, I'm in search of information/experience of the Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Center. I found this center on-line - it looks like they have several around the country & 1 in my local area. I'm looking for treatment options for my FM. Has anybody been thru treatment there or heard anything good or bad?
  2. poohbear5

    poohbear5 New Member

    WOW......Thanks for the hook up info:) This will keep me busy reading for awhile.
  3. poohbear5

    poohbear5 New Member

    Thank You... for the nice note. I was feeling very frustrated with my medical care when I found info on the FFC & this site. After reading multiple postings on the FFC to help me answer the question to GO or NOT? I find myself still unsure... My story is similar to others & a little different. I was injuried at work in 2002 (RN) which thru me into treatment with workers comp. for 2 1/2yrs dealing with Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy/Complex Regional Pain syndrome (RSD/CRPS) - somewhere during this time I beleive I developed Fibro. I started seeing my NP (she was recommended for pain management) with my Fibro symptoms/diagnosis (YES - after doing alot of homework I diagnosed myself) & she became my primary @ my HMO. She seems to do fairly well with my pain management (it could be better) but not much help with all my other symptoms. I get sick very frequently 1-2 times a month for 5-10 days with colds,flu,viral illness. I have gained a LOT of weight & have tried to lose some but each time things fall apart due to illness, pain or fatique. Exercise is difficult for the same reasons. My NP keeps repeating the same advice - lose weight, exercise, rest & your pain will decrease. I'VE GOT IT...but due to my poor immune system I can't make it happen for more then a few days or weeks & then I'm back to square one or minus square one:( I haven't had many tests & definately not these mentioned that are done at FFC - This part interests me - I would like to know what is the cause of some or all my problems. Some of the treatments scare me even thou I'm a nurse. The cost is a issue for me too but when I miss so much work - unpaid since all my ill time is gone - it makes more sense to go & try to improve my health (even 50% would be OK). I'm concerned about the notes I read about how the treatment made people very sick at the start of there treatment - was this your experience too? Also the staff's competency dealing with Fibro patients - how do you feel about this? I sounds like the Portland Oregon clinic is fairly new have you heard anything about it? If you have any other thoughts that helped you decide to go to the FFC I would be happy to hear that too:) Thanks for your time.
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    I am not sure that the Portland office is open yet - I was just at the Seattle office yesterday and they thought it's not open even though the website says they are.

    I have just had my 2nd appointment at Seattle and plan on transferring to Portland after the next 1 or 2 appointments as it is a 6 hour drive to Seattle and a 1 hour drive to Portland.

    My experience has been good so far but I am just starting a protocol now so I'll keep everyone posted.


    Are you an Ory-gonian? You may want to fill out you bio so we can 'get to know you'! I am between Albany and Eugene.

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