Fibromyalgia in Feet - Chapter 2 :o)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cozykitten, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. cozykitten

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    This seems to be a hot topic, so I decided to start another thread. It seems that we all have the same symptoms, or overlapping at least, but we where diagnosed with different names for the problem. No wonder they have so much problem diagnosing something like Fibro in the first place.

    My feet were the first things that were so painful when I was diagnosed with Lupus....and my hands. I would sit at my desk and have my feet propped up on my shoes so they wouldnt touch anything. I would also prop my elbows on the desk and just hold my hands in the air because they were so painful. The pain I have now is the same as that, except it is not limited to my joints. My feet hurt all over, tingle, and have pins & needles up and down my shins. Plus my legs and feet swell nearly every day.

    This has got to be the result of autoimmune disorders, and docs can call it whatever. Just find something to relieve the PAIN!! It hurts just to lay down at night and lay my feet on the bed.
  2. JackieDH

    JackieDH New Member

    I have posted about foot reflexology and how much it helps me. The swelling seems to stay minimal as long as I keep have foot reflexology treatments.
    Give it a try,

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