Fibromyalgia & Intermittant FMLA Leave

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DR, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. DR

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    My FMLA papers are approvedl at work for fibromyalgia but the doc didnt list any on going treatment on the FMLA Doctors Certification form. Does this mean I can take off when I'm feeling bad or havent gotten much rest at night & count it as FMLA or does intermittant treatment mean dr visits or therapy or something else that Ive made an appointment for?
  2. Dara

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    is that it is for time taken off due to the listed condition, FM. I also don't think it is just for doctor appointments, it's for anything related to FM. Such as a day her and a day there for when you are having a really bad time, like no sleep, pain, etc.

  3. Patti2

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    The company I work for is to small to have a FMLA. But so far they have been very good when I need off. (So far) I do need to bring in a DR excuse.(elementary school time) The company I worked for before I did get FMLA for my grandson, he was born with major problems and my daughter was not with the father. They did grant intermitt so it is possible!
    Good Luck!
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    Hi DR:

    I also have FMLA approved for several things, FM among them, on an intermittent basis. I don't remember there being anything about "intermittent treatment" being indicated on the form. I've been using it for the last year, and am allowed to use it for days when I'm having flares or in too much pain to drive the 40 miles to work, etc. besides any appointments or therapy. Most of the time I've used was for days I was unable to work due to fatigue or pain, not appointments or therapy. You may want to confirm with your doctor what he/she had in mind, but for me as long I kept my supervisor informed the HR (Human Resources) office had no questions at all.

  5. GooGooGirl

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    This is a really good question. I work in Human Resources for a large company and I don't even know the answer. How silly is that? This is something I may want to take advantage of myself and I had never even thought about it before. I will have to see what I can find out.
  6. GooGooGirl

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    For intermittent leave or leave on a reduced leave schedule, there must be a medical need for leave (as distinguished from voluntary treatments and procedures) and it must be that such medical need can be best accommodated through an intermittent or reduced leave schedule. The
    treatment regimen and other information described in the certification of a serious health condition (see Sec. 825.306) meets the requirement for certification of the medical necessity of intermittent leave or leave on a reduced leave schedule. Employees needing intermittent FMLA
    leave or leave on a reduced leave schedule must attempt to schedule their leave so as not to disrupt the employer's operations. In addition, an employer may assign an employee to an alternative position with equivalent pay and benefits that better accommodates the employee's intermittent or reduced leave schedule.

    Here is the main FMLA web site:
  7. lighthouselady

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    but I was denied this after having it for 3 years. Now I have to appeal their decision. I am writing a letter on my own, also my doctor is going to rewrite a letter to them and copy parts of my chart for them to review. I work in a hospital that is going through some major changes, a lot of middle management and upper, upper management are losing their jobs. I am afraid that they are slowly trying to move me out of my jobs. I have been a transcriptionist for 22 years and have been a good employee. I also didn't abuse my intermittent leave in any way, my own supervisor is prepared to speak up for me. It is really scary to me. I am 9 years shy of retirement and hoped to be able to make it through with the assistance of the intermittent leave. Say a lot of prayers for me please, that they reinstate this leave soon. I carry the intermittent leave for FM and also OA. As we all know, it doesn't get any better.

    Will keep you posted.

  8. DR

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    It does me good to hear from you all cause I don't feel so alone. I need a better handle on this. I've been working here for years & have a good record. I think my boss knows I don't take advantage but I need to know how much of an explanation to give him when I feel lousy or have appointments with the docs. Thanks.