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    Just thought everyone needs a laugh today!

    and .....

    As my brother tells me all of the time ..... pain is OK, it means that we are alive, and at least ABOVE ground (and not buried under ground!) LOL (Note: my brother has Stage 4 colon cancer and is having a rough time of it.)
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  2. Janalynn

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    IT sure is!!

    Well we sure are ALIVE, aren't we?!! =)

    I heard something else at a support group I went to that I had thought about.
    One's normal reaction to pain is that there is something "wrong" - a burn, a break, a bump etc. So we think in our minds that we've hurt ourselves. It takes some getting used to the fact that there is really nothing that is 'hurting' us physically.

    Also, another normal reaction is to favor the area that hurts. So if our leg hurts, we tend to walk differently. Often times, that can make our backs etc. hurt by the different posture we then have.

    I just thought it was interesting. I had never thought of it that way. This person said it had helped her somewhat in accepting her pain to some degree - that there isn't anything wrong physically (with that part of her body). Something inside of her mentally helped her in some way.
    It was more impactful when she said it, now that I read what I had written!

    The next time someone says "Don't use the F word", we can say "It's hard not to, we live with the F word!"

    PS. I'm really sorry to hear about your brother!

  3. loto

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    It is the other F word.

    So sorry for your brother's cancer, but it's great for him to keep a sense of humor.
    Thanks for sharing!


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