"Fibromyalgia, Life's Stories" Book 2, invitation to you

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    Thank you to Vana and the rest of the Staff at Pro Health for getting involved by inviting you to have your stories told and read all over the World.

    These Books will also be available for purchase from Pro Health immediately after being Published.

    Fibromyalgia, Life's Stories Book 2 has started and is looking for YOU.

    You've read the first book in this series and thought, "My Story should be in there". Well, here's your chance. Click this link and send us your Story.

    Everyone of us has our own "How Fibromyalgia has affected me" story and now you can share that with the World. Whether you're a Fibro patient or a Spouse of one, or a Family Member, maybe you're a Doctor that treats Fibro patients, or you have another connection to this illness and have a valuable Story to tell about it. Some of these stories will be hard luck ones, some will be on coping, some on support or the lack of it, and some will just be a story of how you manage on a day to day basis.
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    and thanks to you all for the bumps.

    Unfortunately it does seem to fall on us to create this awareness but in the last 10 years I've seen some incredible forward strides when it comes to the amount of people knowing and understanding the once considered mysterious word of "Fibromyalgia".

    It was recommended to us that we do this project as an E-book. In a business way that would be the perfect way to be successful. You make one digital copy, make it available for download at a cost, and sit back and rake in the cash. Like I said, business wise, that is definitely the way to be successful but to be successful for the Fibromyalgia Community we have to approach it in a different way.

    First off, we aren't driven by how much money this could have made. Our driving force is to get as many books throughout the World that are visible and available to absolutely everyone, not just ones that have a computer.

    I hear over and over again in our chat rooms about lack of support from friends and family members. Then I see replies of "bring them to chat" or "get them to read the forums" only to get immediate responses of "they hate computers" or "they don't have a computer" and so on and so on.

    After the release of our first book I received numerous thank you emails with phrases such as:

    "After leaving the book in our bathroom my Husband finally read a couple stories and said it sounds just like me. The more he read the more I seen changes in the way he treated me and he even told me that he believes me now"

    "I work for a large Corporation and ordered a second book for our lunch room. Within 2 months there were 3 other workmates diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after reading that book. They said they finally read about how they felt and realized they weren't just crazy and went to their Doctor and told them what to check for. They are still sick, but at least now they aren't scared."

    "My Mother-in-law never did like me and we just tolerated each other because she thought I was lazy and a burden to her Son. I gave her the Lifes Stories book for Christmas with a note saying there is nothing that I can say to get you to like me so I am giving your this book to read so you will at least understand me. It took a time for her to break down and read it and I found that out when I answered my door and she was in tears, all she could do is hug me and repeat sorry sorry sorry over and over again. She is now my best advocate. Thank you for making us a complete Family."

    I have many other ones but it's these types of emails that tell me the book was the greatest success ever, not financially, but spiritually.

    Thanks so much for getting involved and my hope is that it can make a positive difference in your lives as well.

  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    This looks like an excellent book! Where do I get a copy of book 1???!!!
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thats great!!
    Tell me,...Is the ist book still available to buy?

    I've looked recently and I could'nt find where to purchase it.
  5. kenfromhugs

    kenfromhugs New Member

    We do have a few of the first books available. I've added a link at the top of the Submissions page for you if you would like to order one. Thanks for your support and it's interesting how you chat with someone for years and think you know and understand them so well. Then you read their story in the book and it just draws you that much closer to them. Fibro people are about the most awesome people I've ever met.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Just wondering who or what is profiting from this, Ken.
  7. marilynb

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    I must not be looking at the right place. I would really like to get one too, but I can't find the link. How do I get to the submission page to find the link? What is the link called? Sorry if I sound stupid, but sometimes you have to walk me through something step by step.

  8. kenfromhugs

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    Who will be gaining the highest profit will be the Fibromyalgia Community with all the added awareness and support this will bring out.

    Secondly I hope there will be some financial profits as well because I have tons of projects that are in dire need of funding. With this book project I hope to be able to get back to the "Fibro Store" project that I started and then had to put on hold until the means made it possible to pick up again.

    The Fibro Store is a centralized outlet, like eBay but way way smaller, and it will be available to people with Chronic Pain that want to earn an extra income. The site will be on online Store that is built, hosted, maintained, and funded by us. If you do any crafts, build doghouses, paint pictures, make stained glass pieces, etc etc, you will be able to sell those items through our Store.

    On our site, and I see a lot here too, there are tons of people that make and do some very incredible things. We want to turn those incredible things into some cash for you so that you can put that toward your treatment costs, groceries, clothes, or buy more of my books LOL, or whatever.

    There will be no charge to you for selling a few of these types of items and you will be responsible for your own billing, shipping, and customer enquiries, we will just be responsible for making sure the Store is up and running for you to sell and the Customers available to buy. We likely won't be putting on Commercial items but if we do then we would charge a fee for that to help cover some of our costs.

    The Store will be built in a way that you could get your own module and have your own Store within the Store. This would be more for the people that have more than just a few items to sell or want to have their own personal Commercial presence on the Internet.

    I started this about 4 months ago and had to quit. I would really like to be able to get back on this and complete it as soon as possible. I'm counting highly on this book project to allow that to happen. I'm constantly getting things sent to me in the mail as gifts of what these people create. More than just extremely appreciative I get from them being so kind I think "Wow, they could be selling these things" and I hope to be able to make that happen.

    We've done some projects in the past that allowed us to offer the Fibromyalgia Community free web space to build their own web site. You can go there, sign up for a free email account and web space to create your very own web site presence and we cover all costs for you. The site is called My Fibro Site and it's located at http://www.myfibrosite.com and you're very welcome to sign up and take advantage of that.

    I have many more projects in my head that will benefit all of you but I can only do them as the means become available to me. Which one I'll get to next is anyone's guess, even mine lol, but at least I have enough to keep me from getting board for the next 10 or 20 decades :)

    Take care and I look forward to seeing your story.

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    The link to submit your story is http://www2.fibrohugs.com/soupermail/storyform.html

    At the top of that page it will say "Submissions are now being accepted for" and then the second line, in red, will say "Some copies of Book One are still available here!". If you click the red writing it will take you to the page where the first book can be purchased. Thanks.

    I only added that link the other day so if you go there and don't see it try hitting your Refresh or Reload on your Browser.

    Have a great Sunday,
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    My apologies for the submission form being slow yesterday. It appears that too many people were at it at the same time and just bogging it down. Looks like everything's adjusted to handle that so we're good to go again. Thanks
  11. kenfromhugs

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    Hi there,

    It became apparent by the emails I've received that I forgot to mention the cut off date for submissions, sorry about that. We have to cut it off at midnight of May 31st, 2006 due to the committments we've given to the Publisher.

    Thanks for the stories sent so far and any future ones, they're all interesting and will be a great asset to this book project.

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