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    "Grey's" is one of my favourite shows. On tonight's episode, there was boy having awake brain surgery, so they had to keep him talking and they got him to spell words.

    Fibromyalgia was one of the words a doc gave him to spell. The other surgeon questioned giving him that word, so the first surgeon asked, "what's wrong w/ fibromyalgia?". The other one said it was too easy. The boy spelled it easily and admitted it was kinda easy.

    I thought it was an interesting way to squeeze in a contraversial disease. The funny thing was the boy was asked to spell acetaminaphen first, but was stumped on it. I like the way they made it sound like FM was a household word. We kind of know it's not, at least in many areas, esp. rural.

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    saw it too....love that show, one of my favorites!


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    I saw the show too ! What a great way to give public awareness to our condition on a national television show. It might prompt viewers to find out what it is if they've never heard about it. Would love to thank the writers and producers of the show for including fibro (even in a small way). Maybe they would do an episode that would highlight a patient with fibro.
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    And Dr. McDreamy was the one who mentioned it!!! I agree with another poster who said we should thank the writers for mentioning fibromyalgia in the scene and suggest that perhaps they have someone with fibromyalgia in one of their episodes. I thought it was so sad, though, when the women who was dying and hadn't told her daughter and then decided to tell her and how she did it -- by telling her things that would happen in her life as she got older. That was so sad -- I had to cry.
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    I saw this, too!!!!!!!!!!! I thought, YIPEE!!!!!!

    I was just happy that they mentioned it, like it WAS a real medical disease!!!!!

    I think we should have another letter writing campaign to them to do an episode on it!!!

    I would much rather Dr. McDreamy study my case than Dr. House!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't you agree!!!!!!

    LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I saw that episode too. This simple thing is the begining people....this simple mention is the first step to public awareness.
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    I too,say forget "House",give me "Mc Dreamy"! Daneen