Fibromyalgia mentioned on Larry King show Friday nite BUT..

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  1. As usual it was BRIEFLY mentioned and then they went on to another subject. One dr. said it was a muscle problem, maybe caused by a virus and you need to exercise to help fibro. There was a group of drs. and no one seemed to have much of anything to say. Figures!
    Fibro fog here, also they said we need more vit. B's.
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    I caught a slight part of the show and they were talking about diets................Susan
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    Sanjay sort of gave it the it is a diagnosis of elimination thing, and I could kick his butt.

    He well understands that many believe they are going to find the same genetic abnormalities, and they are serious ones, in fibro as in CFS.

    Dr. Salvato is my doctor, now, and on my last visit, she was adament that fibromyalgia are going to be variations of the same disease process, originating from the same genetic problems which are overwhelmed by serious illness which throws off everything.

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    They are actually right about the B vitamins and the exercise. The exercise does not have to strenuous. The body needs movement, and the longer you stay sendentary and don't move out much, the tighter your muscles will be.

    I exercise daily, but do cardio-balance ball, or Pilates for a good 25 minutes. Alternate days I do Yoga.

    I have been pumping up B vitamins through foods I eat, and vitamins. I also take magnesium, Vitamin D, and potassium supplements. I cut back heavily on the supplements--this is for me only, I am not suggesting others to do this. My purpose with healthy eating is to get my nutrients from that. So far it has been working and I have not been feeling so bad.

    Which is a BIG change for me. I am usually bedridden. On news shows like that or regular news I really do not expect for them to say much as it will never be enough for all that I want them to say. However they did tackle it the best that they could with the limited timing they had.

    Fibromyalgia is a difficult topic to attempt to explain about and trying to describe is hard for me ever to explain myself. The illness just has SO MANY avenues that it is hard to figure out which is the best route to go in discussing the illness.

    I do believe that Fibromyalgia is a form of a virus, and also linking with genetical makeup, level of immune system, ability to handling stress and trauma and the list goes on.

    I am happy that they did discuss it, and recognized it as a real illness and didn't say it was an "all in your head" illness and I am sure no one would want to hear that one.

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