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    I have had fibro for 40+ years that I know of but was only diagnosed a few years ago. The only relief I got was short termed with deep massage, exercise and drugs. I started the massage about 25 years ago when the Chiropractor could not move my neck because the tight muscles had it locked in. The knots were always there and very painful expect when it got really bad and then the area would be numb.

    One of my daughters learned that gluten free foods would give relief. So I got on the band wagon two years ago. Two months after I started the gluten free diet my massage therapist could find no knots in my muscles. None at all. I have not been back and feel great as long as I do not get any gluten in my body. There have been a few time that I was told in restaurants that it was alright and about 8 hours later I was fighting tears because it hurt so bad. It would take about one week to work out of my body. Drugs would easy the pain but not make it go away, only time and being gluten free would help. I have a food allergy to gluten.

    Gluten causes many other problems. A friend sent me a newspaper article about a woman with migraine headaches that had to quit her job and stay in a dark room. She got off gluten and she is back at work and feels great. It helps many other problems.

    Go to the internet and enter "celiac" and you will get loads of information. Betty
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    Am so glad to read of someone who has their life back. And gluten was the nasty substance? My girlfriend found the same, once she got diagnosed as celiac she is a new woman.

    Unfortunately It didn't work for me, in fact i was worse off.! I was soo disappointed, after watching my friend from being so sick to being normal again, I really thought it would happen to me too!!

    Aghhh but not to be. So great to hear of others comebacks though and you would now really appreciate being able to get up in the morning and do everyday things without suffering.. Oh i am so pleased for you.

    I can't wait for the day it happens to me too. :eek:)
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    I have found that some people I know can eat somethings and others can't. I love oatmeal but can't eat it. I know two who can and have no problem. So maybe soon the right light for you will come on. I said a prayer for you and send you good wishes. Betty
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    What foods do they put this ingredient in?

  5. BCaz

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    Mostly wheat but also barley, rye and oats. Following is some of the web sites that I have in my favorites:

    This is just a few sites. There finally is a world of information on the internet. Good luck and I hope it helps.

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