Fibromyalgia Nodules

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  1. PVLady

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    Recently I have noticed small pea sized lumps in my muscles. They are excrutiatingly painful when pressed. I do not think these are the fibro pressure points.

    I asked my doctor and he said they were fibromyalgia nodules. He said if any become really painful they can inject them.

    I can run my hand down my muscles and feel these small lumps. I also found them in the arch area of my feet.

    I tried to massage on away with no success. Does anyone else have these???

    I am so tired today. Having alot or trouble sleeping.

    Take care

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  2. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    From your description, I think you are describing trigger points.

    I get hem in my arms, down my neck, across my shoulders, at my hips, in my thighs, and all over.

    They can be injected, but physical therapists or massage therapists can sometimes worke them out or release them.

    Read in the fibromyalgia things and they suggest that one ice them, and then either put a thumb or a release device which can be found at the drug store or other places, wnd are just handles with round knobs on them, and then press it into the area. It can hurt. Sometimes, however, they do release.

    One way to get the ice, and one can just rub the ice over it without the pressure then being applies, is to fill a white foam cup with water about 80% full, place in the freezer, and when needed pell or cut off about one third of the cup and then apply, insulating the hand from the ice. As it melts, more of the cup can be peeled back.
  3. dmomhere

    dmomhere New Member

    Sorry to hear you are in such pain. I have heard of the term nodules before but in relation to arthritis, which, over the years, I've been told I have, dont have, have and most recently, don't have. I have never thought to associate them with fibromyalgia. I suffer from bouts of these nodules in my hands. The bout can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Along with the nodules, my fingers get all crooked and cramp that way - it hurts like the dickens. Someone has to massage them out. I just cry. This happens once or twice a year. Doctors know about it but I haven't yet been told what it is. Could this be the same? I also have these nodules in other parts of my body but there is no cramping. I can, however feel it when I run my hands along the muscle where they are.
  4. mitchsta1

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    It's very interesting that you mention these nodules. For several years I have had what I have described as a widespread growth on my thighs. It feels similar to clusters of fat but very hard and larger in size. Also, there are specific areas of the "growth" that have an extreme sharp pain to the touch.

    Anybody have the slightest idea?

  5. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    no? oh well worth a try.
  6. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    You will find these nodules described, & the reason for them explained-( and suggested treatment) - in Dr St Amand's wondeful book "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia fatigue........".
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  7. BethM

    BethM New Member

    I have the same thing, and have noticed it is always on both sides of my body, in the same spots in the same muscles. Last night I noticed tender spots and nodules in my deltoid muscles, probably because I swept the hard floors in the house yesterday.

    I almost always have them in my upper leg muscles. Massaging them feels like rubbing a bruise. I also have them in between my ribs, and those have a sharp pain, like a pin stick, when they are rubbed.

    Part of fibro, part of life, for us.

  8. mitchsta1

    mitchsta1 New Member

    These are definitely in relation to Fibromyalgia?

  9. No one has ever explained what the heck they are, but they are very painful. I thought I was a fruitcake telling the dr. I had them, he ignored me.
  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have always had knots in all of my muscles, especially in my arms.

    Is this the same as the nodules you are talking about?
  11. mitchsta1

    mitchsta1 New Member

    Today I had to itch my leg in the fatty area to the side of my knee and noticed that the same type of pain in my thighs, (that I posted above), is now there too. And from the side of my knee I felt upwards and have noticed now that on both legs from upper thigh to side of knee, there isn't a single break in the pain. It's all painful to the touch now. Why/how does this suddenly just come about. Like it just sprang up.

    Any ideas?

  12. kdbrann

    kdbrann New Member

    The ones I'm feeling in muscle tissues all over my back, shoulders, and hips are really small lumps - almost like air filled bumps, not necessarily like muscle "knots", but you feel like you could actually pop them --- mine sound smaller than yours at this point and they are not painful at all.

    Mine are most prominent in the tissues surrounding my spine... when the massage thereapist felt all the bumps along the the stabilizer muscles along the spine she freaked out.... Said she'd never seen anything like it except in fibromyalgia...
  13. NursePatty

    NursePatty New Member

    hi i have the nodules as well and they are equal on both sides of my arms inner thighs etc. there only painful if i touch them so i don't touch them at first i thought they may be a relation to cancer because they started off around my lymph areas in the back of my neck but i was checked out and it is just part of this disorder.don't worry be happy