fibromyalgia/overactive nerves

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by slcgramma, May 17, 2004.

  1. slcgramma

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    Has anyone out their experienced overactive nerves. I have felt something going on with the nerves in my legs, my neck and my toes. I have seen many doctors, including neurologists, who say it can't happen; but it has been a debilitating problem for me for almost ten years.
  2. donnaray

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    I have fibro and my problem is I always seem to have pinched nerves and numbness in my legs, neck, and back. I can't figure out how I'm doing it unless I just sleep funny and it's happening when I'm asleep.
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    Im so glad I saw this post. As a matter of act, I am going thru this right now. I've tracked the symptoms and it lasts anout a week. it starts with exhaustion, then irritability, joint pain, headaches and more exhaustion and then the "nerves"hit. It feels like the nerves are on the outside of my body. The first time it happened, I was afraid to look. I thought I'd see a hamburger meat looking rash but nothing was there. Heat helps tremendously. The only OTC drug that works is ibuprofen. It's debilitating. When the exhaustion hits, I lose entire days and can't remember anything. When the pain hits I can't even walk. Ive owned a pet grooming salon for 12 years and now I am an actress and I am truly scared for my future. It seems each episode gets worse. The depression is the scariest part. I often have feelings and thoughts about checking out because I hate for my family to see me like this. I hope it's not this bad for you and I will pray for you.
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    Fibromyalgia..........ATTACKS THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. And what it can do too is make us feel pain some where even if it isn't there. Like example.......The pain can be in our hand but we feel it in our arm or Finger. YES! the Nervous System can cause us to have jumpming , jerking, twitching, etc,,,,,,Toes, finngers, etc,,,,,,,When I was Diagnosed Te Specialist told me you have Fibromyalgia and that was IT!!!!!!!!!! I said CAN it make someone feel like they are going Crazy or Losing their Mind, Can it make someone SNAP outta No where???????? He said Oh YEAH! BUT that was IT!!!!!!!!!! NEVER told me what t all causes, or the Diseases that come with it!!!!!!!!! Those DANG Doc's KNOW they just aren't telling you!!!!!!!! It is also DISABLING ME!
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    What is meant by "overactive nerves." How does this manifest? Pain? Jumpy feeling? Weakness? Tingling? I've had an adrenaline feeling of excitement and weakness in my legs from FMS. Yes, FMS is a CNS illness so it can affect us in many, many ways.

    Love, Mikie
  6. CarlW

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    I have been cleared of MS, also been given the ok through a EMG (nerve test) some blood test still awaiting, upto now neuroligist doesn't now what it is, or atleast hasn't made any indication what it could be, ive also been feeling tired, worn out, feeling at times unbalanced, abit confused and my memory has gone crap, but the worst has to be the pain, electric type shock pains in my legs mainly but also in my arms, face, groin,, so after 18 mths still not knowing what it is, is good to be able to see others writting blogs and we're not alone in this, Thx...
  7. CarlW

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    Thx Jaminhealth, i will try the B5,, let you know if any affect,, i have been taking gabapentin for some time now, it helps the pain alot, but the numbness is still there,, doctor did first put me on Lyrica, they were pretty good but very expensive.. thx again. Carl.
  8. mbofov

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    Are you taking B12? A B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage, numbness and pain. My sister, who is a vegetarian, was complaining of numbness on various parts of her body. Vegetarians are notorious for being deficient in B12. She started taking a high dose of B12 and within a week her symptoms had disappeared.

    Here's a link to an article by Jacob Teitelbaum in Psychology Today about supplements which can help with nerve problems, including B12:

    B12 deficiency of course will make you tired, worn out, confused, etc., all of it, as well as nerve damage.

    Look at your latest CBC (complete blood count) and check your MCV (mean corpuscular volume). If this number is on the high side EVEN IF IN THE NORMAL RANGE it indicates a B12 and/or folate deficiency. My MCV was near the top of the range for several years and no doctor ever mentioned there could be a problem until one of them finally mentioned it. I had to do my own research. I'd been taking B12 for years but turns out I was deficient in folate (not folic acid, which is synthetic and can actually cause a folate deficiency). The folate deficiency was making me tired, it causes a form of anemia, and my energy picked up noticeably once I started taking folate, and I continued to take the B12. The best kind of folate to take is Metafolin, most bioavailable, Solgar makes a good one. You should always take B12 with folate, as folate alone can mask a B12 deficiency, leading to problems.

  9. TigerLilea

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    Mary, my MCV is on the high side of the normal range, yet my blood tests show that my folate and B12 are also on the high side of normal.
  10. mbofov

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    Tigerlilea - I think more investigation is warranted for you. My blood tests for B12 are always high, but hair analysis shows my B12 levels are almost non-detectable. I don't have the chemistry down here, but my doctor explained once why my B12 blood work was high, but useable B12 is almost non-existent. And I think this is one reason why CFS is so debilitating.

    I do think the MCV is a reliable test, mainly because I had such good results when I started taking 1600 mcg. folate (metafolin) two years ago last April. (I also take 5,000 mcg. sublingual methylcobalamin daily) My MCV has gone down from 98 or 99 to 93 or so, and my energy has increased at the same time. (although I still crash with depressing regularity - my stamina has not increased, but I feel much better in between crashes). I checked my blood work for several prior years once I discovered that a high MCV indicated a folate or B12 deficiency - and it had been high-normal for several years. Do some reading about high MCV and macrocytic anemia. B12 and folate, one or both, may be helpful to you.

    One more thing - once I started taking folate, my energy increased noticeably a couple of days later and it was great for 2 or 3 days, and then I hit a brick wall. The extra folate had caused a sudden increased need for potassium as cells started to heal and multiply and work properly, and so a sudden potassium deficiency caused severe fatigue. This was remedied by potassium supplementation (I gradually titrated up to 1000 mg. a day for several days, and then back down, and now take 400 mg. potassium daily as a maintenance dose). For more info on this see:

    If I had not read the above thread and been aware of the very real potential for a serious potassium problem, I probably would have stopped the folate, thinking I was detoxing or something, and never would have discovered or resolved my folate deficiency, and would have been dragging at my customary slow speed.

  11. FibroJune

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    I get help also through seeing my chiropractor. He has a massage therapist in his clinic that I also see so they work together. I like this because then the therapist knows what my chiro wants him to address.
  12. CarlW

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    ive found that taking a high dose of magnesium helps alot with the pain.
  13. FibroJune

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    Hi Carl, I know people do vary on the dosage of magnesium that they take. May I ask the dosage you take and do you have times you cut back or increase?
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