Fibromyalgia Pain is Real

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    Fibromyalgia Pain is Real!

    It's one of the hardest health problems to pin down. Some say fibromyalgia is all in the heads of the men and women who go to doctors seeking answers. Now, researchers say there is overwhelming proof that the condition is real.

    Researchers from the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor reviewed studies involving pain, brain activity and genetics of people suffering from the condition. They report a growing body of evidence pointing to real differences in the brains and genetic makeup of people with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).

    "It is time for us to move past the rhetoric about whether these conditions are real and take these patients seriously as we endeavor to learn more about the causes and most effect treatments for these disorders," wrote University of Michigan researcher Richard E. Harris, Ph.D.

    The researchers cite several studies that reported abnormalities in the central brain structures of people with fibromyalgia. Another study revealed variations in a gene involved in pain tolerance created differences in the way healthy volunteers reacted to pain. Researchers also found variations in the same gene can be linked to the future development of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, a condition related to fibromyalgia.

    The researchers conclude despite some areas of debate, like how it should be defined, patients diagnosed with this disorder should be taken seriously.

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  2. JLH

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    I, too, have had fibro (and lupus) for decades. I am close to 56 and have had both since I was around 6 or 7.

    I'm glad to hear that the Florida weather helps you!

    Holiday blessings to you, too.

  3. lin21

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    You say you have had fibro for decades. Although I was diagnosed five years ago and can pinpoint back to 7 years ago I too believe I may have been living with it longer since I struggled with panic attacks and other little hints. I just think it came out full blown seven years ago.
    Have you been on meds all these years and if so what.
    I am concerned about the meds I take even though I couldn't live without them.

  4. monamea

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    Hi Bonners

    I am from Michigan also, it is so good to hear from someone from Michigan. I am sorry to hear of how long you have fought this, where have you been doctoring at? You see I live over by Alpena and haven't found a dr. who knows much about fibro or cares to know. I am dr. with a PA in Alpena and he is great but still doesn't know much, but he will run tests and look up stuff when I ask. I went to the ER for what they said was a panic attack, when he as for a list of medical problems I told him about the fibro and Cfs and he says that fibro isn't a disease and not to list it, needless to say I was shocked and upset that he doesn't call it one. I get upset when every test comes back normal and they tell me to be happy it's normal, and I say that I don't care if it says normal I know my body and it says something is terribly wrong. I need some surgery which would help me some and I have 5 drs. who say it will help me but the person from the insurance co says he knows more than 5 dr's and denies it. I just want to scream. The people around me don't believe me and think that I am just lazy and that it is just all in my head. On top of that I can't work at a job and when I try to get disability I get denied there also. It gets harder and harder each day to keep going when your love ones don't care to listen to you and won't help you in any way and I have to do it myself.

    How did you go on for 60 years?
  5. z2rus

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    And how can be it not real.
    If your immune system reacting/overreacting you have hundreds times more chances to developed some auto-immune condition that when your immune system literally eating your body from inside, destroying cells, how it can be painless.
    Many on this board already has some auto-immune condition and nothing else and those lead to pain.

  6. teribelle13

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    I hear ya sista! I have worked on and off (mostly on) for 29 years. Raised (ing) 3 children, kept the house, cooked yada yada yada.
    Now, that I'm unable to hold down a job (which I do try) nobody treats you like your SICK, which we are, they still expect dinner, they don't do the dishes, they expect the laundry, you know the drill.
    If we had any other dibilitating disease,we'd be treated like we were sick.
    But the thing is, we blame ourselves and are just as confused as anyone about what our problem is!
    We still feel guilty about it.

    AND 60 YEARS OF THIS NIGHTMARE!!!!How in the world have you done it?
    That is when there wasn't even a name for it! When what the doc said went.
    You must have thought you were crazy! I'm sitting here whining thinking I won't last another week of this and you have 60 years under your belt!
    I can also relate to feeling something was wrong as far back as a kid. Having pain I thought everybody had and wondering why I was such a wimp with it. Now we know.

    Something that just came to me, you know, think how much stronger we are than we're given credit for.

    We have endured this crap, had the guilt, made to feel crazy and all the other....but here we all are Fighting like cats and dogs to get through it.

    How many of the people YOU know could do what we've done? In my eyes, that makes us THE strongest people alive!!!!!!
  7. ladybird1

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    I had read this article on WebMD yesterday. I passed it on to one of my coworkers mother who also suffers from both FMS and arthritis like I do.
    Also read that medical community is working on a medicine which may alter your central nervous system. It sort of scares me what they will come up with but relief must be found.
  8. JaneSmith

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    I am 55 years old. I can remember far back at age 15 with pains. Then when I was 31 after my second child was born I went full blast. I thought something terminal was going on with me. The rhemy. back in 1981 sent me home and said there is nothing he can do for me. All my blood tests came back normal.I've had MRI's and bone scans. I thought I was nuts! Now I can't sleep thru the night. My reg. doc. placed me on 1 mg. of Ativan and that has saved me. As long as I can sleep, I feel better the next day. Not perfect but liveable. Also, the pains are never in the same place. They rotate from place to place around my body. Could be lower back, then one day upper back, then one day shoulders, then one day headache and scalp pain. Then one day I can't type, then one day I'm limping. Not all on the same day, just whenever. Then when you get a cold, the pains are horrible. I wonder what is this really!
  9. FibroPainSufferer

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    This might just be a coincidence, but Bonners mentioned that the high humidity in Florida lessens her pain. I too have fibromyalgia & I recently purchased a humidifier for my bedroom. I moved into my apartment just a few months ago & the heat is very, very dry so I bought the humidifier to stop my dry skin & dry mouth in the mornings. Since I started using it I noticed my muscles aren’t as tight in the mornings as they use to be. I just thought I was having a few good mornings…now I’m not so sure???

    I’ve read just about everything on fibromyalgia since being diagnosed with it because it is just so painful. Now I’m wondering if the added humidity will help us with morning stiffness???
  10. JLH

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    I'll be 56 in a few weeks and I can certainly testify that the fibro pain is real, too! I have had both fibro and lupus since I was around 6 or 8.

    I've not had any experience with humidifers to know if they would help or not, but I'm normally willing to try anything that might help!!
  11. mejlee

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    This post brings to mind a question I have been wanting to ask the folks here. I keep hearing how all of this new research has been showing “abnormalities in the central brain structures” and registering on MRI’s… I was wondering if anyone has had been tested for seizures?

    I had an in office test done and it was questionable. So than next I had to have a more thorough test run in office, that one came up inconclusive also. They then had me where an ambulatory pack that registered my brain activity for 24 hours. It came back inconclusive. They had me wear the pack again and it had the same result, inconclusive. They just left it as, we’re not sure if you are having seizures or not. Good bye. (This was at least 2 years ago and I am blanking the name of the test, sorry.) So when all of these new tests were showing things, I started wondering if that is what the scans were picking up on. Has anyone else had the same test done? If so, did yours also come back as inconclusive?

    Curious Jen

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