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    hello, this is my first message, but i have really enjoyed reading what you all have to say. so i would like to maybe get some feedback for myself, and maybe even offer you some of what has help in my pain that is beyond human comprehension. propably for most of you too, and for a time that has had no end. last may of 2002 i was diagnosed with fm, i have had temporal lobe epilepsy since childhood, and they upped my dilantin months before may, well, i also had my thyroid removed a year before due hashimoto's thyroiditis ( when your own immune system see's you as the enemy and kills your own tissue ). well the upped dilantin prevented the absorption of the synthroid to a great degree. which no-one knew at the time. anyone on dilantin, it does that to most meds. ok, enough history, the fact is, i went hypo-thyroid due to lack of absorption of synthroid tsh and for that, the docs feel it triggered the fm. it took them 10 months to get it back in range. the pain that consumed my body was like a 16th century torture rack that i see on the history channel. for a year suicide was an hourly thought, but for the love of my family, i could not hurt them like that. i have never been suicidal before. i after trial and error of many meds have found 2/3 of my pain alleviated. not gone. but much better. the hip and other joint pain has been helped by...bextra, and lidocaine patches. the muscle pain has been helped by zanaflex and oxycontin, and ocycodone, a slow release, and a quick release form...klonopin i was told helps with exitatory neurons that can attribute to the over sensitve nerve reactions we have to stimuli. that they think may trigger some symptoms. ambien keeps me down much longer during the night....awaking every two hours is now every four to five, big difference. the only pain that has yet to receive any alleviation is my tendons. lidociane patches do help, but three a day does not go far, and they have been assigned to my hips primarily. so the tendons in my wrist, elbows, shoulders, ankles..well, i think the whole length to be honest are still in a world of hurt...but, with the muscles and joints under such relief, that almost feels like gravy. but it is still quite disabling. just thought i would share my cocktail, and if anyone knows of a tendon formula, aside from steroids ( can't do, caused adrenal failure for months after having thyroid removed ). it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to our board. I am so sorry you have had so many things to deal with.

    What has helped me more than anything with the pain of FMS has been the Guai treatment. Guaifenesin is a pretty benign medication and may be one which would not interfere with your other treatments. If you are interested in it, you could check Dr. Paul St. Amand's website or get his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." This website sells the Guai or your doc can prescribe it. It is a long-term treatment which takes time to show results and it requires careful monitoring your supplements and personal-care products for salicylates, but it is the only treatment which offers the possibility of reversing the symptoms of FMS.

    It has allowed me to be able to get off Morphine and now, I seldom use anything for pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    You've found a second home here & a wealth of information available at your fingertips in the library and just click a topic in the search posts area & you'll find tons more.

    Welcome. dolsgirl