Fibromyalgia Pain ???? -- YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. JLH

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    I want you to read this question/answer to a syndicated columnist, Dr. Peter Gott. To all of us, the apparent diagnosis is sooooo clear!!!! Why didn't he think of it? Or, why didn't his/her family physician think of it?????

    After reading it, guess what is wrong with this lady!!!


    Dear Dr. Gott:

    For years I have suffered endless, excruciating pain over my entire body —- my back, shoulders, knees, and elbows being most affected.

    I know I have osteoporosis and elevated cholesterol levels, but my doctor is at his wits’ end and so am I.

    The pain is unbearable and depressing. Where should I seek help?


    Dear Reader:

    The causes of total body pain are many and complex, ranging from autoimmune diseases (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and others) to hidden infection, such as Lyme disease. Most of these conditions are treatable. Osteoporosis (age-related brittleness of bones) and high cholesterol levels do not usually cause such pain.

    I can well understand your family doctor’s frustration. And yet I wonder why he has been reluctant to send you for a second opinion from a diagnostic specialist?

    The ability to recognize one’s limitations and to ask for help in dealing with puzzling cases are the hallmarks of the good, capable family physician. No doctor knows all the answers; the really fine ones admit this and develop an extensive network of specialists who can be called upon when appropriate.

    Ask your doctor to refer you to an internist (diagnostic specialist) or to the diagnostic clinic at a teaching hospital. The consultant(s) will then review your case and laboratory data, obtain the necessary further testing, diagnose your disorder, and recommend treatment.

    *** END ***

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    I thought the very same thing!

    The problem with Dr. Gott is he's not pro-fibro. There was a column of his that 'blew off' fibro. I believe it was to excersise more.... We all know that is what will make us heal completely. BEEP...Wrong answer!

    She does need to be checked out, but I LOVE that fibro was never mentioned as a possibility! Geeeshhhhhhh!

  3. JLH

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  4. JLH

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    I can't believe that nobody else finds it appalling that this Dr. Gott was given the description of this whole body pain and he didn't even think to mention that it could be fibromyalgia!!!!!
  5. nina2

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    He must be one of those doctors who doesn't believe in fibromyalgia. It's a small wonder that he hasn't told her that her pain is psychosomatic or all in her head.

    In the meantime this poor woman will go on undiagnosed and suffering unless she takes it upon herself to see another doctor and get a second opinion, or a third or even a fourth if necessary .
  6. Bambi

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    Maybe an Allergist, Rheumy, Psychiatrist, MD, DO or ???? Oh wait,
    the fog...the fog...I just remembered I've seen all those and more! LOL! Oh the years and years of hunting an answer and then for me I read a little article in (inquiring minds and all) the Inquirer that told about Fibromyalgia and all it's symptoms. I took it to my PCP, who then was just my "family doctor" and he said "Yep,
    could be something like that. So what? Now you have a name for it, what do you want ME to do?".

    There were several with that answer along the way, a prescription for Tylenol 3 and Norgesic Forte once in a blue moon and then the glorious NSAIDS!! Later, back at the ranch with a gut wrenching stomach ache and blood in the stool, Upper GI and then NO relief and just Pepcid that was rewquired for 6 years (even AFTER I got good pain control). Then about 5 years of relief and now our new insurance wants to stop the medication as it is "not appropriate for Fibromyalgia"! You can't say what
    comes to mind on this board!!
  7. nina2

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    Loud and clear! Perhaps they can send us all to something like a Lepers colony, in this way no one will need to second guess our symptoms or deal with us at all. :D

  8. kbak

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    The sad reality most people with CFS/fibro face everyday. The "who will help me"? The very instituions and medical magazines that should be educating docs on this, are not.
  9. texasmaia

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    I am not a reader of this column but I want to take a look at this from a different angle.

    I had never heard of Fibromyalgia before I was diagnosed three years ago. When I tell most people I have it they have never heard of it.....that being said....although FMS is on our minds nearly every moment of the day we ASSUME that it should be a regular part of everyone else's vocabulary.

    Even though the brief description the woman gives sounds exactly like FM it could be a number of other problems that also were not mentioned. I would hope none of us would have given the woman the diagnosis of FM had we been Dr. Gott, to later find out it was indeed something else.

    I think he gives good advice....He can't believe her doc has done nothing as of yet, tells her to get further testing.

    I need to be reminded sometimes that not everyone has Fibromyalgia at the top of their thoughts as I do. I am thankful that the medical field has advanced as far as they have with Fibro or I personally would not be getting the treatment I am today.

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  10. LakeErie

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    His last article on Fibromyalgia stated that Fibro is aches and pains that usually lasts about 2 weeks.

    I wrote to him, his employer and the local newspaper. I never got a reply. Some people refuse to learn. Here’s what I sent him:

    February 2, 2001

    Dr. Peter Gott
    c/o United Media
    200 Madison Ave., 4th fl.
    New York, NY 10016

    Dear Dr. Gott

    Yesterday your column in the Erie Times News regarding Fibromyalgia not only contained mis- information, it also has the potential to cause harm to the ones afflicted. There is NO CURE for Fibromyalgia; it does not go away in a couple of weeks. It is a deliberating illness that destroys the quality of life for millions.

    You’re off the cuff remark about ‘it is not a health hazard, but a burdensome nuisance for those who have it’ was so unbelievable and misinformed that I was taken back. Fibromyalgia symptoms include intense pain, fatigue, sleeplessness and a host of other symptoms. Unfortunately it usually takes years and multiple doctors to get the correct diagnosis. During that period many have lost their jobs, insurance and quality of life.

    I have Fibromyalgia. I am fortunate that my family and friends have wanted to become educated along with myself. However, other individuals with Fibromyalgia do not have that support, and an article like yours can cause un-informed bosses, friends, and families to believe the afflicted are just lazy or faking. I can count myself among those who have faced catastrophic finances, the inability to work and a previous life that was destroyed by Fibromyalgia,

    Please take the time to research Fibromyalgia like I have had to and retract you column. I don’t think you can’t begin to imagine the damage you column has already caused.

  11. nina2

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    Great letter. You hit it right on the nose.

    I guess the great doctor was at a loss for words and could not reply.
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  13. JLH

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    Great letter to Dr. Gott!

    I once took a column of his to my doctor--can't remember what it was about--by my doctor just laughed at him and said that "those newspaper doctors don't know crap!"

    That was the end of our discussion about whatever he had written about!

  14. Musica

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    Weird, he should mention autoimmune diseases and such, but not mention referral to a rheumy? Maybe he thinks an internist addresses more diagnoses, but it seems most internists are just GP's! Pain in the TP areas is a telling point, isn't it?