Fibromyalgia Patient Affirmation

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    Fibromyalgia Patient Affirmation
    by Dr. Mark Pellegrino, MD*

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    Fibromyalgia Patient Affirmation

    1. I have a real condition called fibromyalgia.

    2. My fibromyalgia is not life threatening and I am not going to die from fibromyalgia.

    3. My condition is not deforming or paralyzing.

    4. Fibromyalgia does not turn into a life-threatening, deforming, or paralyzing disease.

    5. I can do many things to “heal” my fibromyalgia even if it can’t be cured right now.

    6. It won’t be easy having fibromyalgia, but I will learn as much as I can about my condition.

    7. I will use that knowledge to manage my condition and gain control of my life with fibromyalgia.


    * Dr. Mark J Pellegrino, MD, has had fibromyalgia himself since childhood. He sees patients at the Ohio Pain & Rehab Specialists Center. This affirmation is reproduced with permission from his book Fibromyalgia: Up Close & Personal © Anadem Publishing, Inc. and Mark Pellegrino, MD, 2005.
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