Fibromyalgia...Please help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susanG, Mar 4, 2003.

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    Hello, I'm new to this message board. I was recently diagnosed with fibrmyalgia after the birth of my son. I have been on Ultra, Ultracet, Darvacet and prozac. I also take a B complex vitamin and Flaxseed. I would like any suggestions you have on any supplements and pain meds that work for you. I am most disturbed by the cronic fatigue that I experience everyday, it's very depressing when I can't take care of my son and need my mother to help me. So, any suggestions on meds or supplements for the fatigue will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    if your baby is still waking at night. I suggest a muscle relaxant at bedtime. You may have to break it to make it a smaller dose initially. Also, if you have anxiety when you go to bed, you may need xanax or something like that to help you sleep. I also have to say that ZMA, which is sold on-line here on this site at the tab at the top that says store. It has helped me sleep and it is a magnesium zinc combination that for some reason works for some of us. Good luck. dolsgirl
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    Welcome to the board & sorry you need to be here. Much of this DD is trying to find meds that work & then having them keep on working. I have had things work for a while only to have them stop or to find out that my insurance won't cover them when my samples are gone.
    Right now I take 2 300mg Neurontin at bedtime, along w/1 10mg Flexeril + 1 100mg zoloft. I have hydromorphone for pain (which I have not tried yet as I seem to have a lower pain level since I got that Rx & have been taking the last of my celebrex in the meantime).
    Right now I do not have a specific 'sleep' med. I wind up just staying up as late as my DD wants me to & most nights am up til 3-5am. The meds my Dr wanted me to try are not covered by insurance...
    In the past Restoril worked for me short term & Ativan worked for a few months, but both stopped working. I tried using Benadryl (which I used in the past w/great success) & right now it dries out my system too much & I can't deal w/that as I have chronic bronchitis & don't need that popping up!
    Suggest getting some books on fibro. Best one I have found is Devin Starlynal's on MFS/FMS survival.
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