Fibromyalgia related to RA

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    What are the basic symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Is it related to arthritis specifically rheumatoid arthritis?
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    symptoms...I deal with OA (lots) and FM (milder)....FM I believe for the most part is nerve pain.....

    My stuff is all mixed up in my body....I just know I deal with lots of pain, joint and muscle and degeneration of joints from OA and the FM is new to my body since 1999....I'm 74....

    I'm not sick sick and I take a lot of supps to help my immune system and do a lot of protocols to keep me going....

    RA is a whole other auto immune condition.<br><br

    And some docs talk about Fibro being a term given to people by docs who can't help their patients.....fibro needs to have so many issues addressed, Anatabloc a new supp seems to address a lot of inflammation and chronic pain issues, even RA.....I'm doing my research on it and now take it. With some positive results so far. [This Message was Edited on 01/22/2013]