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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gotmsm1, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. gotmsm1

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    I lived with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia for many years. None of the prescriptions I tried had any effect on the pain and inflammation. I was forced to quit working and at times it was a major effort just to get up in the morning. A dentist recommended that I try taking a nutritional sulfur supplement (MSM). I was extremely skeptical, I have tried numerous nutritional supplements and have never noticed any benefits from them. I started taking the MSM Sulfur Powder Supplement. Within just a few days, I noticed a major difference in my pain and inflammation levels. I’ve found that by taking the MSM Powder on a daily basis, I was able to get back to my normal life. I would recommend the MSM Powder for anyone who is living with the chronic pain and inflammation from Fibromyalgia. It is available at most stores that carries nutritional supplements.
  2. elsa

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    I have found that it does help some, but unfortunately not others ... something new there huh?!

    It is especially good for arthritis conditions and can (and often is) combined with glucosamine,chondrotin and vit C for absorption.

    We used it for years as a joint supplement for horses that had age related wear and tear on them. It was/is quite effective for them.

    MSM and s-AME are often combined together as well.It is very easy on the stomach and worth a try to see if it helps for FM pain.

    Not successful for me but I have seen it work.

  3. gotmsm1

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    It's good to hear that someone knows what I'm talking about when I mention MSM. You said that you have tried it? I'm just curious as to how many mgs you were taking per day. I started out taking the MSM tablets, but saw no difference. The dentist told me that in the powder form, I could take up to 5 teaspoons a day, without a doctors supervision. I just needed to find my correct dosage. I ended up taking 4 teaspoons a day, then after a few weeks I was able to go down to 1 teaspoon a day for maintenence. It has worked great for me for 8 years now.
  4. jbennett2

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    I used to take a formula of magnesium and msm. When I was diagnosed with Lyme, my LLMD made me get off all supplements except Calcium with D. He believes the others "feed the disease". I really, really miss my supplements!
  5. elsa

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    Hi again,

    I took 1000mgs three times day of powdered form of MSM. I also stacked it with vitamin C ( as ascorbic acid )to help in the delivery.

    I didn't hurt in any way ... I just didn't get the benefits that many do while taking it. I was also careful in which product I used making sure it was 99.9% pure with third party testing to assure quality.

    I wish it had a more positive effect on my pain, but after a year, I dropped it from my protocal. I take alot of rx/supplements. Since MSM wasn't working for me I opted out .... one less "thing" to swallow.

    I'm glad it worked so well for you.

    Take care,


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