fibromyalgia research and future?

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    hello, im 18 yo male, who got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after weightlifting procedures, 10-11 months ago.

    i see alot of reaserches regarding fibromyalgia, and cfs, but mostly cfs.
    i read "breakthroughs and discoveries", and i understand they really progress.

    i want to ask, what with fibromyalgia??
    where are they at, reasearches mean, at the moment, exactly??
    are they still find new discovery every few months, and then say its not true?
    are there any big improvments? are scientists starting to understand it? or even if you give them 8 years, they will probably wont solve it??
    are there any new medicnes(or in research), and if so, all sympthomatic?

    what about prof bauer famous surgery??? is he fooling us, and its only a "placebo"??

    i would like to know what scientists know by now, about the disease(fibromyalgia).
    im very young, and i truely believe, that by age 22-23 i will be free of this pains, but still i dont want to wait those 4-5 years of suffer.

    how close are they? i understand, that scientists aware of fibromyalgia patients big number, and put all their efforts.

    so-how close??? i read the "big discovery" here a few months ago, but im not sure if its special, or just "this time of the year"

    bring me good news :)

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    is it still very scramble?? "maight be that, wait, maight be that, or that? im confuse" well, you understand what i try to say :) lol/
    reasearch is a good thing, and i know there are huge advances in the last years, in the amount of reasearch also, so i think its a matter of time, and not too long.

    just want to know if they are close, or not.(close=few years, not=give them 20 years in a close room, and they will die of hunger.. :) just kidding, well, they wont find a solution)