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  1. Evilybeautiful

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    Im a postie in melbourne (australia) and was doored off my pushy by a stupid woman who didnt look before opening her car door. I was then diagnosed with whiplash... and now i have fibromyalgia syndrome because of this.
    I cant quite understand how I ended up here... for me its easy to tell the story, but its hard to digest.
    I tell it with hate and spite for the womans stupidity, and with care and love for myself who didnt deserve (or did I?) to end up with this terrible, endless pain.
    I am currently being told by doctors and specialists that there is 'no cure' for my condition, and only trial and error can help me find my 'comfort zone'.
    Life is a trial...
    The only errors that occur, are caused by careless humans.
    My concern is getting greater in regards to the relation between fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis... will this be the end all of my current life ? To be continued...
  2. kellyamos

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    I know how frustrating FM is. I have it, along with having RA. I am very disturbed that this doctor told you that you got FM from this accident. That is a very reckless statement for him to make.

    There is absolutely no evidence to prove how we got the FM. There are, of course, theories and thoughts of some possibilites in the medical field, but NO exact reason. I think you should ask this doctor to "back up his claim with scientific facts" that you got the FM from this accident and see how he responds to that.

    I agree with Broadcasting that you need to move forward with your life and try to make the best of this unfortunate diagnosis. I know it is hard, but try to have a positive mental attitude. Stress is one of the worst things for FM.

    Take care and hang in there.
  3. DeborahLynn

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    Wish we could have "met" under better circumstances; sorry to hear you have FMS. While there may be no "cure," there are many ways we can treat the symptoms to find a good quality of life.

    I went the medicine route for a few years, and it didn't help me. I had worse symptoms from the side effects of the drugs than from the FMS! I wound up in the hospital from it.

    I now treat my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome symptoms with natural and herbal remedies, a very healthy diet, the 8 laws of health (nutrition, exercise [to tolerance], water, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, rest, and trust in God) and hydrotherapy. I have had much more relief with these than with the meds!

    Plus, it's not nearly as expensive as the drugs were. I am on disability, and have to really watch those pennies and dimes. These natural remedies are things I can do at home.

    I pray you find relief soon; this board is wonderful for getting information, and for making friends since most of us have a hard time getting out and about. God bless!

  4. OnTheMendMom

    OnTheMendMom New Member

    Do not lose heart. Following are some things you may find helpful.

    I was diagnosed with FM in 1998 a year and a half after a work-related accident (hit my wrist on the edge of my desk, believe it or not!). Turns out I've probably had FM since I was a teenager. Anyhow, I saw a FM specialist in North Carolina in 1998 who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed injections of Oxytocin (however, I got the pill form because it was cheaper and I don't like shots), DHEA, Glucosamine-Chondroitin, Nitroglycerin, L-arginine and another L-..., as well as a couple of other things which I do not recall right now. My pain reduced significantly but because I lost my job I couldn't afford to continue purchasing these items. Three or four years later I introduced fresh vegetable juicing into my daily health program which helped me feel significantly better. I also did quarterly internal colon cleansing, received regular total body alignments from an Indian trained naturopath as well as massage and colonics. Discovered that moderately hot baths using one of the following also helps me feel better:
    One (1) cup Borax, or;
    One (1) cup Apple cider vinegar, or;
    Epsom Salts in bath water

    My shower head has several selections. My favorite has a hard-hitting spray that I apply to every inch of my body and I feel great afterwards!

    Also changed my diet to include:
    eliminating sugar of any kind from my diet;
    eliminated breads, especially yeast breads from my diet;
    increased intake of raw fruits and vegetables;
    did regular parasite cleansing, colonics and bowel cleansing;
    and increased water intake.
    I don't drink alcoholic beverages or liquor of any kind, but if one does use these substances, it is best to discontinued their use.

    Vitamin D (five minutes/day in the sun), breathing deeply in fresh air, faith and trust in God, sufficient hours of sleep, and a merry heart which does good like a medicine.

    Something I've learned is that moderation is significantly important with FM sufferers. Exercise, but do not overdo it. Stretching daily is important. I purchased an inversion table a few months ago on eBay (less than $100, which included shipping) and using the inversion table is a lifesaver. I love it. In fact, it sits right beside my bed.

    May God bless you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you. I hope you embrace the journey with a heart full of love, gratitude and forgiveness.
  5. GeminiMoon

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    My 27 year old son was nearly crushed to death by a semi truck that hit his car. Amazingly, he survived! He had the last rites 4 times, could not walk at all for 6 months, endured 22 surgeries, and 3 solid years of physical therapy (3 xs a week). You want to talk about pain? You want to talk about the stupidity of others?

    But you would never know the misery he has endured. He is a strong & cheerful young man who fought hard to regain his life. He is eternally grateful that he survived and now helps others. I am beyond grateful. We do blood drives now and volunteer work for the Truck Safety Coalition. Helping others helps us.

    You see, there is always someone else out there who has it much worse. Thousands die each year in the US due to drunk drivers and other accidents caused by careless drivers.

    I have had EPV with Fibro for over 20 years. Yes, it is quite miserable at times but I have learned to live with it and I enjoy my life very much.

    Don't let the hatred and bitterness eat you up; it will only make you much sicker. [This Message was Edited on 09/24/2010]

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